$15 Office Wall Update with Vintage Magazine Covers

My office has been coming along piece by piece and I'm loving the bright chartreuse color even more day by day. I recently posted about how I put up a black, cage-style pendant – it's really pulled the desk area together and provided some wonderful illumination. 

However, the big wall behind my desk has been bugging me. Long, low, cubicle-style bookshelves line the wall and provide a perfect place to display my vintage typewriters. But the great expanse of wall has remained empty. Even my lovely Cotton (above) comes into the room, gingerly steps over all the typewriters, and then stares blankly at my big, blank space.

Today, I stopped by my local Goodwill for a routine look. You should have seen me. At one point, I was walking around with arms full of two bulletin boards, three canvases, and three picture frames. Because I was feeling really ambitious about repainting those canvases and making two corkboards work when what I really want is one big one. 

Anyway, I came to my senses and narrowed my purchases down to the three frames. Two of the matching, brushed silver frames are large, while the other is a medium size. They were in great shape and of high quality – I would have probably paid $25 a frame even at Target or Walmart. The two big ones came to $5 a piece, while the smaller one weighed in at $2. So I nabbed myself three very nice frames for a mere $12. Oh, how I love bargains!

Seven(ish) years back during my early antique shop days, I bought some vintage The Saturday Evening Post covers. I loved the retro illustrations, decades-old headlines, and (of course) the mid-century hues of turquoise, orange, and yellow green. I believe I bought ten of them for a dollar a piece. And I knew that three of them would go lovely in my new-to-me silver frames as the start of a gallery wall.

I'm so glad the vintage covers struck me back then the same way they would today. They would a good purchase. I'm happy with ten, but I wouldn't have minded if eighteen-year-old me had grabbed a few more. ;)

I'm especially digging them right now as I binge watch Mad Men.

So here are the three of them now perched above my typewriters. For now, I'm good with the simplicity of just three. But I imagine I'll be tracking down some more silver frames for the other seven covers. This is a lovely start to a retro gallery wall.

$12 for some secondhand frames. $3 spent many on magazine covers many moons ago. I'm quite happy with this thrifty little project.

What do you think?

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Caro said...

Ohh, gorgeous. I'd been toying with the idea of digging up some old magazine ads and framing them, and I believe you just convinced me. I love it.

(Cotton! <3)

beegej said...

I have to say I really love it. I am so happy I ran across your blog. I am saving to move back out of my mothers house and I am thinking early fall. Right now I have a hope chest that I am filling with little trinkets that I pick up along the way, and your blog is helping me really discover the things I like and who I am. I haven't found any other blog to do that. Loving your style!!!