8 Affordable Pendant Lights (Plus a look at one of them in my office!)

I love cage and plain socket pendant lights. They're simple, versatile, and inexpensive compared to other ceiling fixture options. Plus, they're space-savers – adding a spot of extra light without taking up valuable tabletop or desktop space.

1. Colored Metal Pendants
Bright, bold, and effortlessly cheerful, hang one of these for a splash of color in a crisp white space.

2. Osprey Pendant
The mint version of this dainty, vintage-inspired pendant would look lovely in a retro kitchen.

3. Threshold Industrial Pendant
A classic silhouette with just enough flair, this inexpensive Target find is a great option for any space begging for a little touch of the rustic. (See how I used it below.)

4. NUD Collection Classic Pendants
A neutral black or white socket combines with a vibrant cord in this no-fuss, all-fun fixture.

5. Wiry Pendants
Wiry rustic combines with pastel paint for a subtle, shabby chic look. Either of these beauties would look charming in a feminine, French cottage-inspired bedroom.

6. Cayle Chandelier Cord Pendant
With its handsome, sleek silhouette and elegant sheen, this simple but gorgeous fixture is just begging for a reproduction antique Edison bulb and a hallway to illuminate.

7. 4040 Locust Caged Metal Pendant
It's got wires and curves in all the right places – perfect for over a round dining table.

8. Grouse Pendants
Not your typical cage pendants, extra angles lend some extra style.

To purchase any of these pendants, check out the original set here.

For the last few months, I've been lustfully eyeing the Threshold Industrial Pendant at Target – debating whether I liked the silver or black finish best, imagining where I'd hang it in my apartment. This past weekend was my birthday and part of my gift from the bf was a Target gift card. The other part was my favorite Brandy – boy, does he know the way to my heart! ;)

I knew immediately what I'd spend the gift card on: that pendant light I'd been drooling over. Plus, he'd be around to help me hang it. I opted for the black finish (for more contrast against my walls) and originally planned to have it in my bedroom. But after hanging it next to the bed, I just wasn't feeling the pendant look in my bedroom. So after ten minutes, I politely asked the bf if he'd kindly move it to my office.

And well... it's absolutely perfect there:

What do you think?

Which of these pendants is your favorite?

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homerefurnishing said...

Wow! So many varieties of pendant lights to chose from. Actually I like all of them; definitely I would use all the varieties. Your office looks really nice after fixing up the pendant light. Here it seems to be that the pendant lights have completed the decoration. The pendants lights are simple to use and cost effective. Few lights would be enough to complete home decorations at all times.

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Camille said...

I want some lightbulbs like the ones in the NUD pendant lights, they are so cool looking!

Ecofin LED Lighting said...

I loved the Osprey Pendant lights. Thanks for sharing the post.

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