Afternoon at Amana + Millstream Brewing Co.

This weekend worked out conveniently for me to spend Friday night through Tuesday morning in Williamsburg with the bf.  While I love the hustle and bustle of the college town Ames, I also enjoy a weekend away in a slower paced small town.  On Sunday, we took advantage of the beautiful weather by driving over to one of the Amana Colonies.  We hit up Middle Amana, where a lovely little brewery called Millstream Brewing Co. is located.  

Before settling in at the brewery, we visited a winery to sample the goods and then several shops... a cheese shop, meat shops, general store, and antique store.  It was warm enough (above 70!) to walk around in short sleeves.  We Iowans have been waiting for weather this nice for far too long.  

After moseying around the village for several hours, we ended the day at Millstream with a couple brews.

 G likes the Schild Brau Amber, whilst I'm a Back Road Stout kinda girl. :)

It was a weekend with just the right balance of running around having run and sitting down to relax. Definitely a nice little retreat from Ames, where VEISHEA is happening this week.  (VEISHEA is a crazy week long celebration at Iowa State University.  It gets wild.  Look it up.)

If you're ever in eastern Iowa, you should definitely take a day to visit one of The Amanas and browse the shops.  Be sure to load up on meat, cheeses, jams, and wine.  It's good stuff.

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