Living Room Inspiration for My Apartment

So even though my bedroom is still a definite work-in-progress... I can't help but daydream about decorating the living room, too.  As I've posted before, it's going to feature a DIY pallet sofa... which I've already scrounged up the pallets for.  (Yay!)  I'd looove to find some huge cushions like the ones in the room above. They'd look even lovelier on a pallet sofa than they do on the floor, dontchya think? Also, I'm really smitten with the idea of hanging curtains with a long branch.  But maybe I'd spray paint the branch a fun color... or perhaps paint it gold?

I want to get some serious art work up on our walls.  The living room has great high ceilings and big walls just asking for some art.  It'd be adorable to paint some old frames and clip photos into them like on the wall pictured above.  So easy to switch photos and art in and out!

I want our living room to be very eclectic, very colorful, and very creative.  For once, I want to see if I can throw the idea of color scheme to the wind.  Let's face it: I'm sticking to a pretty particular color scheme up in my attic (blues, greens, turquoise).  So the idea of throwing together anything and everything and ended up with a lovely, eclectic space is appealing, challenging, and inspiring.  I think I can do it.  :)

I definitely plan on scavenging antique stores for funky vintage pictures to pair with more modern prints.

And I want our pallet couch to be absolutely burdened with a bunch of patterned, mix-and-matched pillows.

It'd be fun to do some big, bold art work on one of the larger walls.  Maybe two?  My roomie and I can each pick a poem or song or quote or something to put on our own canvas.  

Ooooh, love the idea of wrapping art around the corner of a room. :)

And here's where I definitely want to go with art work.  Mixed.  Matched.  Eclectic.  Vintage.  Love it.

My roomie Steph reads this blog, so I hope she leaves a comment of approval.  ;)  (Hint, hint, roomie!)


Unknown said...

The first picture is my favorite! I love the oversized cushions as well. Great blog!


Chrystina said...

Wrapping the pictures around the wall is AWESOME, although I have this feeling I would walk into them. I also really love the books stacked in the fireplace.

Unknown said...

I feel like I'm being justified in my stalking of your blog, which I love (the blog, not the stalking) otherwise I wouldn't look at it so often. I LOVE ALL of your ideas! So excited to see how much cooler the place gets! *inserts stamp of approval*

Camille said...

Love the ideas here! :)

Unknown said...

Is it me or does the last picture's walls look just like your new curtains? It may be the 2 hrs of sleep I'm running on.

Anonymous said...

So many great pictures! I'm excited to see how all your decorating turns out. I always love pictures of really eclectic spaces, but it seems very intimidating. How do you make it all "go"? I bet your living room will turn out lovely though...and maybe even inspire me to branch out a bit.

Tyrone Swopes said...

You’re a natural born artist. You were able to perfectly combine antique pieces with modern items. Mixing vintage objects with modern elements is not an easy task. It requires artistic skills to produce an excellent outcome like this. Your apartment is an excellent work of art!

Diane said...

The room is full of creativity! I just love how you come up with the designs. specially that old white door with a picture on it!