Which paint color would you like to see in my bedroom?

I was considering black walls, now I'm leaning toward gray, but navy blue keeps creeping into my ideas. I'm hoping to paint the bedroom right away. However, I can't decide on a paint color. Shown above are my eight contenders. They're all from Sherwin-Williams because of the 4-Day Super Sale knocking a whole 40% off paints. That's quite a deal, so I'm going with it.

As a little reminder, you can see below what else will be in the room. My red headboard, colorful quilt, wooden dresser, typewriter stand painted green, a Gone with the Wind poster, cream curtains, and some burlap accents. 

Which of the warm grays or midnight blues do you think will best suit my bedroom? 

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gluedtoapost said…
I would be leaning toward Rainstorm, or Roycroft Pewter. I really like the Loyal Blue, too, but I guess there is a chance it could be overwhelming since it is one of the more saturated & darker of the options here. But, you could always paint one wall a more intense color and the other three something a little less overwhelming! And I might be wrong about it being too much, too; I just remember that I tend to lean towards things and then realize that, in big doses, they’re a bit too intense, so I’m self-censoring a bit here. Best of luck with your decision!
Thanks, gluedtoapost, for your input! I, too, am leaning toward the Rainstorm or Roycroft Pewter.

I know what you mean about too much of something being a bad thing. When I still lived at home, I briefly had a hot pink room. Hence "briefly." Luckily, I wholeheartedly believe I could live with any of these colors on all four walls for a long time. :)
Anonymous said…
I'd go with Rainstorm or three white walls and one Loyal Blue, I wouldn't go for grey in a bedroom so lean towards intense colours but I wouldn't do that to a whole room but have a highlighted wall (who am I kidding? I come from the 'any colour you'd like providing it's white' school of decorating!) I
Ali Bee said…
I think Loyal Blue could be gorgeous on just one wall. I'm also a big fan of the Grizzle Gray. I can't wait to see what you come up with! xo
Haha! I come from the 'surrounded by color' school of decorating. ;)

Ah, decisions, decisions!
Thanks, Ali Bee! I can't wait to actually settle on a paint color. ;)
Allie said…
While I'm a huge fan of deep blue walls (like Rainstorm), I think with a neutral grey base will allow all of your furniture & accessories to pop. And since paint usually dries a little darker than the swatch color, I think Grizzle Gray would be beautiful (and come out looking a bit like Roycroft Pewter)!
Eden said…
I think Rainstorm would look amazing with your bedroom decor!