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On this date back in 1940, 'Gone with the Wind' was released into U.S. theaters.  I still remember the first time I ever saw it.  I was young (seven or eight) and watched it at my grandma's house.  Scarlett immediately captivated me.  And as for Rhett Butler, well... I've been hopelessly head-over-heels for him since.  Because GWTW is my most favorite movie ever, I've decided to pull a little fashion inspiration from Scarlett and share it on Lovely Undergrad as a three-part wardrobe series.  What girl wouldn't wanna dress like Miss O'Hara?

We'll begin today with Scarlett as the sweet (haha) Southern belle who flounces from party to party and flirts with all the county boys.  She's pretty, sassy, and boasts the smallest waistline for miles.  The attire of inspiration is Scarlett's frilly white frock with its billows of lace and bright red belt.  To channel some Southern charm and be the belle of your own ball, focus on feminine whites and cherry red accents. 


For a casual take on Scarlett's Southern Belle attire, start off with a white top that features lace, frills, eyelets, and other feminine features.  For a date, wear one of this season's form-fitting lace tops with a pair of dark skinny jeans, red flats, a floral purse, and a red beaded necklace.  For a casual country look, put on a summery white tank and cinch the waist (like Scarlett) with a red belt.  Wear worn jeans and strappy red sandals to complete the look.  If you're heading to class, wear a flirty white top featuring lace around the neckline.  Basic skinny jeans are comfortable while gingham flats and flower earrings add cuteness.


Scarlett's Southern Belle look is ideal for dressing up on a romantic date, at a wedding, or even for a fancy brunch with the girls.  The best part?  It's impossible to be too feminine with this one.  For these three looks, I went in a more ivory/champagne direction rather than white.  But paired with the rich scarlet hues, the contrast and original inspiration is still there.  When searching for the perfect Southern Belle dress, aim for the three L's: lacy, lovely, and ladylike.  The first dress shows the most skin, but it is still a modest cut.  The gathering of the skirt mimics the fullness of Scarlett's.  And the flowery red belt is a unique alternative to a basic one.  Rounded-toe Mary-Jane pumps, a pretty ivory clutch, and cameo necklace add more femininity.  The second dress possesses cute cap sleeves with the slightest puffiness, which imitates Scarlett's too-poofy-for-2011 sleeves. Coral is a toned-down substitute for red.  Ivory peep-toe pumps and sparkly bow earrings are beautiful compliments to the girly get-up.  Lastly, the third dress reflects the modesty of Scarlett's era with a neckline fitting for even church.  A bow-embellished belt and matching suede heels give the crimson punch while the silky clutch and ring keep things elegantly simple.

Be sure to return tomorrow for more Scarlett-inspired fashion!



Leah said...

This is awesome! :) I love love love Gone with the Wind and these outfits are too cute - I want them all! :)I'm excited to see the upcoming days posts too!

lindsey said...

I absolutely love this post! :) While I've never seen Gone with the Wind, I've just bumped it up to my #1 on Netflix. :) Can't wait to see what you come up with tomorrow!

Elle said...

Gorgeous inspiration! I love the casual outfits.

Camille said...

Love it! Can't wait to see the next part of this series! :)

Kait_Haire said...

Gone with the Wind is both my favorite book and movie! Scarlett is amazing, and I also love Vivien Leigh. She was/is such an inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Cute ideas! However, GWTW was released on December 15, 1939.