Scarlett O'Hara, Part III | Fashion Muse

It's the final installment of the Scarlett O'Hara-inspired fashion series.  And I've definitely saved the best for last...   ;)

It is time to showcase Scarlett's ultra-sexy red gown that Rhett makes her wear to dinner at Ashley and Melanie's house.  It is form-fitting, sparkly, feathery, and the most seductive shade of scarlet. Be sure to wear lots of rouge.  (Rhett's orders.)


Look red hot for any event by employing Scarlett's bold use of crimson.  The first dress really embodies the spirit of Scarlett's gown: form-fitting, sparkly, and even poofy sleeves!  Sex it up with sky-high heels and bright lipstick and you're ready to paint the town red.  The second dress screams "satin seductress" and pairs perfectly with silky pumps and a vintage-inspired clutch in the same hue.  To really stand out in a crowd, opt for a modern interpretation of Scarlett's eye-catching dress, like the third one here.  Accessorize with red stain wedge heels, silky elbow-length gloves, and plenty of rouge.


Scarlett's red splendor can be employed in everyday situations, too.  The first look pulls together dark skinnies, a form-fitting red top, crimson booties, and a pretty scarf---ideal for meeting your girls at the coffee shop for a red-hot gossip sesh.  The second look, perfect for class, mixes roughed-up skinnies, a red v-neck sweater, flats, and a canvas tote that Scarlett would surely approve of.  Lastly is a look fit for the clubs or a night of bar-hopping.  Wear your darkest skinnies with a red sequin-embellished top and sky-high scarlet booties. 

Hope you enjoyed the series!  Do you channel your inner Scarlett O'Hara when it comes to fashion?



Leah said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE! Even thought I'm sad to see this little series end, I love today's post - Red is my color, all these outfits are just begging me to wear them! :p I'm especially found of the one shoulder dress - too pretty! :)

Eling said...

Inspiring series! What do you use to make these awesome collages of clothes?