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Stylish Office Inspiration for a Studio or Dorm

Garrett Murray, an award-winning film-maker and award-winning iOS designer/developer, also has great taste when it comes to decorating his small space.  I came across his apartment on Flickr and although these are photos of his office space, I think they could be very inspiring for college students living in a single dorm or studio apartment.  Pictured above is the sitting area.  The couch (similar to a futon, but more stylish) folds down into a bed for guests. 

And the Toto Cube Lamp also serves as a table.  Doesn't it give off great ambience in the dark?  Ideas to borrow:  1. Invest in a convertable couch rather than a futon.  It's more stylish and more grown-up, so it will transition easier into your post-college apartment.  2. Buy things that serve double-duty, such as a table that also gives off light.  3.  Hang your artwork/prints in unique ways.  The way Garrett displays his posters is as visually interesting as the posters themselves. 

This Herman Miller bench offers file storage and drawers... plus seating!  The small wall space between the two doors works great as a gallery for photos.  Idea to borrow: 4. Get a storage bench or several ottomans that can keep clutter tucked away and guests off the floor.

The desk area is an ideal working space.  Idea to borrow: 5. Keep your workspace sleek, clean and clutter-free.  Use smaller furniture for the tv, but allow yourself a big desk for all that homework!

Ideas to borrow from this space:  6. Instead of a big, bulky, block-like bookcase... choose one that is ladder-like and leans up against the wall.  It will take up less space, be easier to transport when moving and just look more stylish. 

Check out more of Garrett Murray's photos here.  Plus, visit his website Maniacal Rage.  All photos in this post belong to Garrett Murray.



What a cool pad! I like how you have maximized your space to accommodate for all important furniture.
Love your pad. Its so simple yet elegant. Your furniture is amazing too.
ganawil said…
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Sarah said…
What a nice and unique room he's got there. I would love to have a home office set up like that.
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Kathy said…
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Harvey Tan said…
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