DIY Magazine File Makeover

As I've confessed before, I'm a magazine hoarder collector.  So it's not a surprise that my room is overflowing with magazines.  I literally have some bags and boxes of magazines stored away and just keep my favorite ones out within reach.  At One Man's Junk, one of my favorite little shops to pick up vintage goodies, I spotted a metal vertical paper sorter.  Unfortunately, I'm really bad at taking before photos.  (I get so excited that I just start painting!)  But it looked something like this (at right.)  That grayish beigey color.  Quite boring.  But oh-so-functional.  I gave it couple coats of my favorite bright red Rustoleum spray paint.  Then, when I was trying to figure out where to put it in my room... I placed it on its side while gathering up some magazines.  Turns out, I loved the way it looked turned on its side and placed on my window sill behind my chair.  So now it houses my favorite issues of HGTV magazine, Cottage Style, Do It Yourself, and (of course!) Domino. 


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