DIY Quickie: Fabric Covered Sketchbook in College & Cook Magazine

I love myself a good diy project.  Given unlimited funds and free time, I'd be crafting up a storm 24/7.  But that isn't so.  So to indulge in my inner do-it-herselfer, sometimes I just have to whip up a diy quickie.  Spray paint is my favorite instant gratification (craftification?).  But occasionally I run out of things to spray paint.  So the nifty little project I contributed to the new Spring issue of College & Cook Magazine is a perfect stand-in for spray painting binges. 

Isn't that little book up there adorable?  The fabric really compliments my bedroom, eh?  (I am in such a lovely-colorful-floral-pattern rut, but I have no plans of digging myself out anytime soon.)  

The book started out like ^this: your typical square, black sketchbook.  I love these things, which will set you back about $7 at Hobby Lobby or another craft store.  The paper is nice and thick, perfect for doodling project ideas, writing down notes with a fine-point permanent marker, and glue-sticking inspiring magazine scraps.  I bought the pretty fabric scrap from WalMart's craft section for a buck.  (Who knew Wally World could have such lovely material?!)  And while I'm quite the devoted ModPodge'r, I decided to try something new.  The Elmer's CraftBond Spray Adhesive cost $3.  (I will admit I bought it mostly because ModPodge is so dang expensive!)

For College & Cook Magazine, I turned the sketchbook into a pretty little cookbook in which to paste recipe cards from Mom and Grandma, recipes printed from Pinterest, and delicious ideas torn out of foodie magazines.  Since I actually already have a cookbook like that, I'm going to end up using my final result as an idea journal for jotting down blog and story ideas.

You should totally go check out the new issue of College & Cook Magazine and learn how to make my easy-as-pie, quickie diy project featured on page 18-19

A word of warning: this Elmer's CraftBond Spray Adhesive is seriously sticky.  Imagine the strength of super glue, but without the fast drying.  Imagine washing your hands twenty times, but your fingers being just as sticky after each wash.  Imagine rubbing your hands with dish soap, hairspray, Windex, and nail polish remover.  (Yes, I'm aware that my lovely lady hands underwent serious chemical treatment.)  And none of it worked.  Sticky fingered, I did a Google search and found an online source that suggested toothpaste.  It took a gob of Crest Pro-Health and lots of scrubbing.  But ultimately, the stickiness was gone and my hands were minty fresh!

But the spray glue works wonders!  Just don't get it on your hands. ;)

P.S. You might have noticed my lovely little fabric-covered sketchbook hanging out with some glossy magazines in my spray paint made-over magazine rack:


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