Vintage Draperies + Scarlett's Curtain Dress

Today's post comes to you live from my sweltering attic space.  The heat index is currently 116 degrees here.  And even though I have my air conditioner on full-blast, the rising heat does not make for a cool attic.  I'd hang out downstairs in the living room... but it's too cold down there.  (I know, I know...)  So I'm hanging out next to my air conditioner up here, bouncing back and forth between comfortable and a little sweaty.  Enough complaining, though... I've got an iced coffee to drink and blog post to write!

So on a recent daytrip home to visit the fam, I rallied my mom and youngest sister to hit up the local Goodwill for some treasure-seeking.  (I was feeling the urge to spray paint some candle holders, picture frames, figurines, anything!)  I didn't find anything to spray paint.  But I did stumble upon some gorgeous vintage drapes.  Long (like 7 feet!), wide (like 5 feet!), heavy, damask, brocade-like, turquoise-on-chartreuse, vintage drapes.  These babies are gorgeous.  

The photos don't even do them justice.  They're shiny and luxurious.  Not to mention flawless.  Seriously, these musta been hiding in someone's attic or cedar chest or something for the last thirty years.  They're in perfect condition.  Not a rip.  Not a hole.  Not a smoke or pet smell.  I am beyond smitten with them.  They were practically made for my current decor and color scheme of blues, greens, and teals.  Oh... and the best part... I snatched 'em up for a mere $6.99.  For the pair!!

I carried the curtains around Goodwill for the duration of our visit.  I also told my mom that if I ever ended up broke and without any clothes, I'd just have the vintage curtains turned into a dress.  It worked for my role model Scarlett O'Hara, didn't it?  (Thank goodness my family loves me and can put up with my embarrassing quirks.  The other shopper probably thought I was loony.)

The windows in my attic are too low and close to floor for such long, dramatic drapes.  And I'm just not feeling too keen on hanging them on the windows over my stairwell.  I'm really wanting to figure out a way to hang one of the drapes (or both) across the entrance to my bed nook.  Yes, that is the princess coming out in me.  I might hang the other across my closet since it has no door.  

For good measure, here's some inspiration I scrounged up:

These blue and white damask drapes are equal parts cottage and chic.

Country Living
These drapes hung at the head of the bed give off vintage country vibes.  

Elle Decoration UK
Long drapes that pool on the floor and a beautiful mural in the background set a rustic, romantic mood.

Or minimal ones like these soften an industrial, minimal space.

Unknown :(
Now we're talking "princess."  How grand are all the drapes in this chamber?

Here's an example of drapes closing off a bed nook!  So cozy. :)

Unknown :(
And this chaise lounge framed by drapes is just jaw-dropping gorgeous and glamorous.  

Stay cool, lovelies! xoxo


Unknown said...

This is such a good idea! I'm currently researching studios and one-bedrooms for my move in a month. I've been wondering how to pull off a studio, and I love using curtains for a bed nook!

Also, I was Brigitta in "The Sound of Music" as a child, and I still have my curtain costume tucked away for posterity's sake. :)

Anonymous said...

What a good find! I love the colors of your drapes. They will look amazing around a little bed nook.

Ally said...

I am loving all these apartment/room transformation posts!! You've given me a ton of inspiration for my own room :-)

If you get time, check my blog out? I'd love it if you could!!

http://glamscribbles.blogspot.ca <3

Elaine said...

the whole bed nook idea DOES scream princess, doesn't it? I've always wanted some draped over my bed like the 5th photo. I actually had a canopy bed when I was young and it was fantastic. :) I'm chomping at the bit for you to share update pics of the attic space!!!

Roxy said...

Uuuh I love this! What a great find! Can't wait to see what you do with them. Bed nook und closet sound like a good idea.