Style Cure Day 5 | Floor Plan of My Bedroom

For Day 5 of the Style Cure, Apartment Therapy assigned participants to create a floor plan of the space they'll be decorating. (I didn't skip Day 4. It just consisted of setting up a one-room outbox, so it doesn't require a blog post.) 

Above is my bedroom floor plan. I'll admit that I didn't take the time to take exact measurements, but the floor plan pretty much matches up spatially and furniture-wise. The door along the top wall leads to the hallway. That's a radiator in the bottom right corner. My desk and chair are in the bottom left corner, right next to the closet that has a window (and will become a book nook). In the top left corner I have a dresser, hutch, and tall lingerie chest. Obviously, you can see my bed and nightstands along the right wall.

The bed will definitely stay where it is, but I'm undecided about the dressers, hutch, and desk. Those may end up moved around a bit. We'll just have to see.

If you made a floor plan of your space and are taking part in the Style Cure, please leave a link to your blog post on The Lovely Side's Facebook page so I can follow along on your decorating! :)

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