Goodbye, cute but uncomfortable chair! Hello, handsome!

The above chair has taken residence at my writing desk for the last several years. Few chairs are small enough and lack the arms to slide under the desk, so I've mostly used the desk as an aesthetic piece and avoided the anguish of sitting there for more than five minutes. A vintage ice cream parlor chair given a couple coats of turquoise spray paint, the chair is whimsical and adorable. The problem is that it's also excruciatingly uncomfortable. So I've been on the hunt for a new desk chair that would be 1) aesthetically pleasing, 2) delightfully comfortable, and 3) cheap, cheap, cheap.

And I found it! Last weekend, the bf and I visited my hometown. My mom and grandma insisted that I check out a new store that sells vintage, antiques, and consignment. In the basement of the new store, I came across this vintage leather chair on wheels. The leather is soft, in perfect condition, and a nice marbled brown and auburn hue. The chrome legs/rollers are nice and shiny. I sat in it and found out just how comfortable it was. Though I doubted how well the style would work in my feminine, bohemian bedroom space, for only $25 I couldn't pass up its comfort.

Turns out, I like how the handsome, masculine leather chair contrasts with all the floral patterns and my ladylike French Provincial vintage furniture. It never hurts to throw a bit of masculinity into a girly space to balance things out and bring it back down to earth. Last night, I sat at my desk for a full hour! This chair is amazingly comfy and I'm so glad I brought it home.

For now, the little turquoise chair is sitting next to my mirror and catching my scarf, purse, and cardigan when I come home from work each day. I'm still debating on a more permanent place for it at the end of my hallway or even in the bathroom. 

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