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10 Ways to Wear a Teal Blazer or Jacket

Ever since I scored an adorable teal corduroy blazer at a thrift shop, I've been obsessing over how to style it and what to wear with it. Turquoise, teal, and all their entire family of hues are my favorite of all colors. Paired with mustard goal and oxblood, teal looks great. Paired with neutrals, teal looks great. Paired with bright orange or a fresh yellow green, teal just simply looks great.

My teal corduroy blazer looks a lot like the first one pictured above. I want to get as much wear out of it as possible this fall... before a snowy and blistery cold Iowa winter sets in. Whether it's a corduroy blazer, leather or suede jacket, or a boyfriend blazer, I'm in love with these ten ways to style teal outerwear for fall.

Which one would you wear? 

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