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It's getting done a LOT this year. (Maybe this past spring's Gatsby is to blame?) But I'm not complaining! I think that the Jazz Age look is the bees knees. Hit up local thrift, vintage, and even antique stores to round up a loose dress, t-strap pumps, vintage purse, and several strands of pearls. A well placed decorative hair band plus some red lipstick, and you're ready for all those speakeasies!

You could play this one off as an adorable fox or even a sexy vixen, but I love the idea of playing off of the trending What's the Fox Say? Plus, all those crazy sounds are a lot of fun to make. People are undoubtedly going to come up to you and ask. Live it up, foxy lady! Just pull together everything orange - orange dress, orange tights, orange shoes. (Throw some white in there if you're running low on the orange.) Add some orange lipstick and a fox max or ears that you either bought or DIY'ed... and you're ready to get your fox on. 

As a big Game of Thrones fan, if I had long blonde hair or a long blonde wig... I would soooo be going out as Daenerys Targaryen, Khaleesi, Mother of Dragons. Dig out that neutral toned maxi dress and those leather sandals from summer. Go heavy on the bronze. Accessorize with leather accents. And hit up the local dollar store for a little toy dragon to complete your look. 

Last, but definitely not least... go as a World Series Champion Boston Red Sox player. I'm a diehard Red Sox fan, so I was psyched when they won the series last night. I'm donning my Red Sox sweatshirt at work today, but if I had a jersey and some white pants you'd definitely see me out on the streets as a World Champ. You could even take it a step further and put on a nice beard a la Napoli. Go team!

If I do end up going out this weekend (the workweek prevents me from actually enjoying the festivities on the real Halloween night) I'll be jazzed up as a flapper. I already have a dress, the shoes, pearls, and hairband... so it's a cheap, easy, and pretty costume to pull together.

What are you going as? :)

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