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Eyewear: The Only Fashion Item You Can Get Insurance For + 3 Chic Ways to Wear Your Glasses

It wasn't until college that I came to appreciate glasses as a fashion accessory. And I really started to look forward to my yearly eye doctor appointment. Today, I consider myself obsessed with eyewear and all the styling possibilities. I love trying new pairs on - all different shapes, all different colors. For me, glasses complete a look and tie together all the details of my outfit. Whether it's my go-to favorite pair of rectangular tortoise shell frames, my "geek chic" black and clear pair, or my bright red glasses for a bold pop of color... I love my eyewear! Besides being the final touch on my outfits, glasses give me an extra boost of confidence. (Funny how they seemed to take it away back in fourth grade!) I feel more pulled together, more confident, and more professional.

Look smart and sophisticated at the office! For a cute but comfy look on casual Fridays this fall, start off with black Nine West glasses in a chic, smart style. Build a foundation of black accessories to match with a scarf, watch, messenger bag, and boots all from Nine West. Accent a modern, white-and-black striped tee with olive skinny jeans and a deep teal blazer. 

In recent years, eyewear has skyrocketed to the top of trendy fashion accessories. Glasses are no longer geeky or nerdy - unless you want them to be in a geeky chic, cute nerd kinda way. Frames can be sexy or sassy, artsy or eclectic, smart and professional. You might have one fabulous pair that goes with everything and perfectly expresses your personality and personal style. Or if you're anything like me, you might have multiple pairs for various occasions, moods, outfits, and events. A chic pair for work that gives that extra boost of confidence during your big presentation. A geeky pair for class that makes you feel extra smart (and adorable) during study dates with that cutie from your chem class. And, of course, a sassy pair for nights on the town or out on a hot date.

Eyewear has never been so trendy. And best of all, eyewear is the only fashion item that you can get insurance for.

This cozy, colorful outfit is ideal for trekking around campus this autumn. Begin with a pair of tortoise or wood-grain inspired brown frames like these Nine West glasses. Slip into your comfiest sweater, teal skinny jeans, and adorable Nine West boots. Add a teal bag, plus a raspberry-hued scarf and matching watch (all from Nine West) to add color. Add a simple but sparkly necklace that will take you from class to a coffee date.

Whether you're a college student or young professional, budgets are tight. Paying for glasses out-of-pocket can be expensive. Including lenses and frames, designer glasses can cost hundreds of dollars! That's where VSP comes in. 

VSP is the nation's only not-for-profit vision care company and has spent the better part of a decade developing high quality, affordable individual plans that are now available in every state. Depending on what state you live in, you can pay less than $16 a month for vision coverage that includes an eye exam with low co-payment, allowance for glasses or contacts, lowest out of pocket cost in vision care, 100% satisfaction, and 30,000 providers in convenient locations. VSP Individual Insurance is super affordable and gives you access to a large variety of frames from classic styles to trendy (including dozens of top brand names like Nine West) so that you can find a pair that fits your personality and personal style.

This warm and cozy fall ensemble is perfect for class, the coffee shop, casual Friday at work, or just running errands in style. Go bold with a pair of red glasses like these Nine West frames. Keep your outfit neutral with mocha and vanilla tones: brown skinny jeans, a cozy sweater, a soft scarf, brown watch, and comfy socks that peek out over top of these adorable Nine West boots. Complete the look with a red bag that makes those red glasses pop! 

What is your go-to or favorite pair of glasses? And how do you use them to complete your fashion ensemble and express your personal style?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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