Q&A Quickie | How do you keep your blog active while working a full-time day job?


How do you keep your blog active during the day? I read that you have a full-time job, but I often see posts, Facebook statuses, and tweets that publish during the day. How do you manage? (asked by Ellie M. from Colorado)


Yes, I do have a full-time, big girl job as a web content writer. Even though I work a day shift (one that actually begins and ends earlier than a 9to5) I can't just save all my blogging for the evening hours. I'm staring at a computer screen all day at work.
So while I sometimes do blogging at night, I mostly want to relax, read, and re-arrange furniture on weeknights. So how I do I work and keep my blog alive and active? Two things: scheduling ahead and short bursts.

Scheduling Ahead – I write a lot of blog posts ahead of time. On the evenings that I do blog, I try to write several blog posts. I also use HootSuite and to compose tweets and Facebook statuses ahead of time. Whether it's a blog post or tweet or update, I either schedule them to publish at a certain time or save it as a draft so that I can publish it when I feel like it – with the click of a button.

Short Bursts – At my job, I have two 15-minute breaks and a 30-minute lunch break. While I occasionally read a few chapters of a novel, browse Pinterest, or go outside for a quick walk around the lake – I most often use these short breaks (and the half of my lunch not spent shoveling food into my mouth) to do some blogging or social networking for my blog. While my job is pretty creative, it's gives me a burst of a different type of creativity that makes me feel productive and gives me a little boost when I go back to my regular work.

My blog isn't as active as I wish it could be – or as it would be if I didn't work full-time, but blogging is a hobby and my job comes first as a priority. So for now the scheduling and short bursts work. :)

Note: Not every job allows you to do your own thing on your breaks or lunch. Check with a superior first before blogging, Facebooking, and pinning on your breaks – just to be safe!

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