Closet Staple: Black Pencil Skirt (8 Ways to Style Yours for Winter)

Whether you're a working girl or college girl, a basic black pencil skirt is one of your most versatile clothing items. This wardrobe staple is not only an outfit essential for internships, interviews, and office jobs, but also can be dressed up or down for date night, bar hopping, or even a typical day spent on campus or running errands. Best of all, black pencils are easy to find at reasonable prices (hello, Target and TJ Maxx!) and flatter most figures. Just try it on before you by to make sure it fits your waist and thighs in all the right places – there's a fit for any curvy or skinny silhouette.

The possibilities are endless. Slimming black tights or eye-catching colored tights. Sexy with heels or cute with boots. Feminine or edgy. Dressed up or dressed down. Here are some of my favorite ways to style a black pencil skirt for the winter months:

Add an unexpected pop of color with tights. Though mismatched, the greens work together. Try two different shades of red (crimson and maroon?) or two different shades of blue (navy and teal?).

Ad a little edge to your skirt with a leather jacket. Then balance it out with a cozy plaid scarf. 

Browns and black really can play nice with each other. Take neutral cues from this ensemble.

A simple white top, slimming black tights, and classic trench coat make this pencil skirt effortlessly chic and easily transitional from work hours to happy hour.

Opaque black tights and black shoes lengthen your silhouette. Add a bit of pattern with cute polka dots.

Dress your pencil skirt down with a chambray top and leather purse. Perfect for so many everyday occasions – from brunch with the girls to a night out on the town.

I love a curve-hugging pencil skirt with a high waist. A boldly hued top and black accessories are all you need for a comfy and classy look.

What's your favorite way to wear a black pencil skirt? Where's yours favorite place to wear it?

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