Crimson Favorites for January 2014


I come from a long line of red-lovers. Growing up and to this day, my mom and grandma decorate with a lot of red. Not just accessories. We're talking red walls, red carpet, red furniture. We like our red. Red is undergoing a bit of a renaissance for me this winter. It's a bright and bold splash of color amid all the snow. Here are some of my red favorites right now:

1. The Forever Red fragrance from Bath & Body Works smells soooo good. Warm and feminine, this scent boasts notes of pomegranate, peach, apple, peony, vanilla rum, marshmallow, and oak wood – it's just the right balance of fruit, floral, and woodsy. It's my new signature scent for 2014. ;)

2. I love red lipstick. With over 20 sticks of it now, I have a shade for every occasion. Still, one more tube never hurts. My current obsession is Revlon's ColorBurst Lip Butter in Red Velvet. The color is seriously gorgeous. The lipstick glides on nice and smooth – very moisturizing! One swipe leaves nice, sheer red suitable for work. A few more swipes amp up the glam.

3. Whether I'm wearing my favorite red tweed coat or any other jacket, I've always got my red hat and gloves with me. Sometimes I like to be head-to-toe red (though I feel a little bit like A Song of Ice and Fire's red woman)... and sometimes, I just like a splash of red with my neutrals. Either way, it keeps me warm in this frigid winter weather!

4. Cardigans are a staple in my wardrobe. I've been on the hunt for a red one for the longest time, but everything I found was either too maroon or too raspberry or too winey. I also like my cardigans long and loose – perfect for skinny jeans and over dresses alike. I finally found the perfect red cardi (at JCP, btw... and mine is not the one pictured above) and it's definitely getting worn a lot!

5. I remember once saying that I'd never wear skinny jeans. Then I did. And I remember when the colored skinny fad broke out. I turned my nose up to it. And then I caved in. I love colored skinny jeans, but I'm picky with my colors. A nice teal, gray, or olive green are my go-tos, but I finally got a pear of crimson skinnies – perfect for pairing with my many ivory, black, and black-and-white tops.

6. I don't own this adorable red notebook, but I'm quite smitten with it. I believe that journals, agendas, etc. should always come in a bright color or bold pattern. Such things brighten up a day just by using them. I'm still searching for my 2014 agenda. (Need to get on that...)

Are you drawn to red or do you shy away from it?

Sources for items above:
La Garçonne Moderne vintage cardigan / DL1961 Premium Denim super skinny jeans, $285 / Echo Design quilted glove / Knit hat / Revlon lips makeup / Red perfume / Body moisturizer

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