Revamp Your Rental Kitchen with Ideas from Remodelaholic

Isn't this kitchen adorable?! From the chalkboard cabinet doors to the vintage accessories housed up top and the pretty pink rug down below, I'm smitten. The best part is that the kitchen is a rental – and it started out looking like this:

This photo & above photo via: How to Bring Personality to Your Rental Kitchen | Remodelaholic
Amazing, right? And since it's a renter's kitchen, it was revamped all while following those pesky no-holes, no-paint, no-fun rules. Head over to the original post How to Bring Personality to Your Rental Kitchen on Remodelaholic for all the knitty-gritty details and pretty decorating inspiration.

So basically, if you removed the little slab of cabinet to the left of the stove and the entire corner part to the right of the sink, you'd have my kitchen. My renter's kitchen is so teeny-tiny. While I don't need that much space to cook for one (or the occasional two when the bf visits), it becomes a little more crowded when I add a friend or two to our weekend cooking. 

I've been really struggling with how to make it pretty and functional. Because storage and function are key. The more I can get out of sight, the lovelier I think my kitchen will be. I'm on a mission to really spruce it up over the next month or so and I'll be looking to this as my main inspiration. 

As a renter, what do you struggle with most in your kitchen?

What tips and tricks do you have to share?

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