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My apartment is always a work in progress. There's so much on my to-do list, but so much of it requires some spring weather (aka spray painting weather, thrifting weather, garage sale weather). This winter has me more cabin feverish than usual. Here's what I've been up to around the apartment:

I'm working on dressing up my retro little dining table.

The empty space at the end of my hallway was just begging for a piece of furniture, so I moved my bookcase from my bedroom to the hallway. It's so nice to see something at the end of it now.

I'm working on stocking up my bar cart. I've dressed up my sofa with a blanket, pouf I got from Target a few months ago, and some burlap pillows.

I moved my record player into the living room. (The bf got me the first Ramona Falls album as one of my Christmas gifts – he knows what I like!)

I've started a gallery wall behind my tv and record player, though I changed this and de-cluttered the tv stand a little last night – and forgot to take a photo. 

I got my vintage curtains out, though I need some proper hardware to hang them. (They're heavy!) For now, they're draped over the regular rod. So please ignore the awkward white curtain hanging underneath. I just wanted to see how the colors worked out. ;)

And last night I added some decor to the lonely little space above my upper kitchen cabinets. Still a lot to do in my tiny kitchen to make it cute and functional!

Have any suggestions for any of my spaces? Ideas welcome!

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