Bedroom Revamp Progress | Hello Handsome Dresser & Expedit-esque Bookcase

This past weekend, I sold all of my vintage French provincial furniture: a vanity, a desk, two dressers, a hutch, and yes – even the nightstands. Since the furniture was scattered throughout my apartment, I'm truly starting fresh in what I get to pair with my remaining pieces. No more cream with gold accents. No more shabby chic. No more furniture that matches the set in Jackie's That 70's Show's bedroom. And I'm okay with it. I'm digging the fresh start.

Above is one wall at the end of my bedroom. (I know, it's a mess. I'd been rearranging that night. Heh.) Before, two French provincial dressers stood side by side – cluttered with perfume and jewelry. In the after, my newly purchased mid-century modern dresser stands solo – with a carefully curated vignette on top that I'm still crafting. I'm also looking for the perfect mirror to hang over it since that little window mirror is just too tiny. I'm still deciding between a matching mid-century mirror, a contrasting ornate mirror, or an eclectic gallery of mirrors.

Last night, I worked on another corner of my room. Above, you'll see the spread of wall between my windows and closet nook. The closet nook is currently a reading / writing nook with a comfy chair and tiny bookcase, but I'm planning on transforming it into a little office nook with a small desk and my leather mid-century office chair. 

Since there are no Ikeas in Iowa (I know, I know. Woe is me.) and a trip won't be on the horizon for a while, I bought this little Expedit-esque bookshelf from Target for a mere $40. It's just the right size for most of my books, which I color coordinated for a change. Its dimensions are ideal for the little sliver of wall – it takes up just the right amount of space without protruding in front of the closet nook doorway. 

Next up on my to-do list: a multi-functional stand or cabinet for my tv and record player.

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