Living Room Revamp Plans | Threshold Windham Cabient | Purple + Orange

I've been lusting over Target's Threshold Windham Accent Cabinet ever since I saw it in store several, several months ago. Granted, I had my eye on the turquoise hued one. So I've been biding my time waiting for the cabinets to go on sale – or better yet, clearance. It finally happened... and at a time pretty convenient for me after just selling all my French provincial furniture. 

Though I loved the turquoise cabinet, I ended up ordering the purple one online. 1) Purple is a color I rarely decorate with, but still love. So it's time to bring some purple into my space. 2) I like how purple looks with orange. And 3) the purple one was on sale for $90. And I scored free shipping. Woohoo!

I can't wait for my cabinet to arrive. As you can see above, my living room is in dire need of a tv stand. I sold so much furniture that I really don't have any spare pieces sitting around. So I resorted to using my vintage suitcase as a tv stand, a typewriter case for my cable box and blu-ray player, and some book boxes stacked on top of each other to hold my record player. It's not ideal. And it's quite the eyesore when I'm sitting on my sofa staring at it.

The Windham accent cabinet is so versatile and I'm sure that over the years, I'll use it for many different purposes. (I'm always re-arranging, you know.) So while I wait for mine to arrive, I snooped around on the internet to see how other decorators were using their Windham cabinets.

Katie, the blogger behind The Things That Bring Me Joy, used the yellow cabinet for a pop of color in her dining room. I love how the white shows up so crisp behind the paned doors. Plus, mustard and turquoise are one of my favorite color pairings. So lovely.

Kelly, who blogs at Organized by Kelly, put two turquoise cabinets side by side in her master bedroom closet turned home office. The teal is a nice splash of color amid all the beautiful, rustic wood tones and vintage accents. Very pretty – and she got so much storage out of the two pieces!

Lastly... Jessica, blogger of Home with Baxter, turned a black Windham cabinet into a very chic, stylish, and well organized bar. Baskets and trays keep clutter at bay. The black really lets the color of bottles and accessories pop. Very classy and creative. 

I can't wait to get mine, put it together, decorate it, and share pictures!

What would you use a Windham cabinet for? (Psssst! They're still on sale!)

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Unknown said...

I bought one of the purple 2 door cabinets a few years ago and have been searching for another one. Anyone know where I can find one???

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