Long, Low, & Handsome: 7 Swoon-worthy MCM Dressers

I'm on the hunt for a long, low mid-century modern dresser with handsome wood tones, clean lines, and a sleek silhouette. I believe it would work in lovely contrast with my spray-painted red, wrought iron headboard, antique chairs, and eclectic mix of decor. I believe that so much that I'm actually parting ways with my vintage French provincial dressers. (via: Emily Henderson)

I have my eye on a beauty from a local shop here in town, but I'm waiting (with bated breath) to find out if it's still available – and if it is, could I pay for it and then have it held until I can get help moving it to my apartment. Cross your fingers for me. ;)

Until then, enjoy these seven dressers that have the MCM lines that I'm so smitten with right now.

Apartment Therapy


Blue Bird Kisses


Sweet Home Style


Are you as head-over-heels as I am?

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