Guest Post | 10 for 10: Style Essentials for the Young Professional

Today we welcome self-proclaimed "fashion junkie" Tiffany Lashai Curtis to The Lovely Side! The creator behind Undergrad Style File and a blogger for Your Style Forecast, Tiffany is one fierce and lovely lady that I love to follow on Instagram. As a current undergrad with plenty of retail experience under her chic belt, Tiffany curated ten fabulous must-haves for any young professional – all under a budget-friendly $10. Whether you're interviewing, interning, or working the nine-to-five, put these style essentials at the top of your list.


Ten for Ten: Style Essentials for the Young Professional
Guest Post by Tiffany Lashai Curtis

Whether you’re currently in undergrad or post-grad, chances are you’re no stranger to a pair of khakis – or is it chinos? Either way, we've all come into contact with the inevitable... work-wear. Before you begin conjuring up images of bland black suits and nude pantyhose, step away from the pantsuit. Professional wardrobe options have gotten a major face-lift in recent years and there are tons of trendy options. Young professionals in creative industries everywhere can now rejoice!

But before you run out and buy the latest black blazer that’s on sale, check out the ten items that every style savvy young professional needs in her arsenal. It is possible to have an office-appropriate wardrobe full of budget pieces. Whether you’re trying to get the job or already have it, you can blend the lines of creative and conservative. Your office may be stuffy but your work style doesn't have to be.

1. Black Midi-Skirt (Forever 21)
Black is always chic, update the pencil skirt by trying out the midi skirt, think of it as the happy-medium between mini and maxi.

2. White Oxford Shirt (JCP)
A classic wardrobe staple that looks great with skirts or pants and statement jewelry. A crisp white blouse is an open canvas.

3. Fun Flats (Payless)
Heels are not always a viable option; opt for cute and comfortable flats for long days.

4. Quirky Coffee Mug (Target)
However you get your caffeine fix, do it in style.

5. Menswear Inspired Watch (Charming Charlie)
Being on time is much more fun, with a great statement watch. Bonus: It looks sleeker than pulling out your phone to check the time.

6. Tote bag (Etsy)
Somehow our purses never seem to hold it all; tote bags are great for overflow.

7. Bright Trousers (JCP)
If you work in a creative environment, give pants an update with a great print or pop of color.

8. Colorful Polish (Forever21)
 If you have a neutral work-uniform, colorful nail polish is a great short-term commitment to color.

9. Spring Scarf (GoJane)
Try a light-weight printed scarf as a necklace alternative.

10. Polka Dot Tablet Case (Amazon)
If you spend all day attached to your electronics, they should be as stylish as you are.

For links to items and shopping sources, check out the Ten for Ten set on Polyvore.


Thanks for the lovely style essentials, Tiffany!

Your turn, lovelies. What's your your professional must-have under $10?

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