My Bedroom Inspiration Board | Floral + Stripes, Red + Green, Vintage + Eclectic

I've been fine-tuning the revamp for my bedroom since selling all my vintage French provincial furniture. Above is the mood board I created to keep me on track and focused. (I tend to get very sidetracked as soon I set foot into an antique store or thrift shop.) 

I'm actually sticking to a color scheme (sorta) in the space: vibrant crimson, fresh yellow-green, and leathery brown with splashes of black, grass green, and burlap beige.
Floral will mingle with stripes. I'm going to double layer curtains – solid red on the outside, sheer ivory in the center. Furniture will have clean, sleek lines with the exception of my frilly iron headboard and vintage black nightstand. Oh, and I'll be bringing in my big Gone with the Wind poster framed as a spotlight-stealing piece of art.

The little desk area will go in my closet nook. I'm hoping to find or diy a simple desk and thrift a file cabinet – both will get painted in a fresh, limey chartreuse. So many do-it-yourself plans and projects are piling up on my list! I just need the weather to get nice and warm and dry so that I can take them on. :)

What do you think? 

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