10 Spaces Ready for Their Close-Ups | Decorating Details

Sometimes less is more. Sometimes more is more. One decorating rule of thumb that always rings true to me: It's all in the details. It's in the details that you find personality and quirks. And for me, showing off your personality and quirks is the most enjoyable, rewarding part of decorating.

So I've rounded up 10 lovely spaces with those defining details. Like the crisp, modern desk space above. It'd be gorgeous as-is, but pinning a pretty pink flower to the deer head's antler adds just the right touch of whimsy for springtime. (via Fabulous K)

I love my vintage typewriters. They're being stored at my parents place for now, but I have one with me in my apartment. I like for it to have its own spot of honor. I love this idea of putting on a brightly painted chair on top of a stack of books. So literary chic and a little quirky. (via DWR)

Mason jars. Antique bottles. Thrifty vases. Tiny ink well. And colorful blooms. This mantle vignette combines so many lovely things that I absolutely adore. I might have to borrow this idea for my bedroom windowsill... (via Design*Sponge)

All it takes is one sweeping glance around my apartment and you'll discover my affinity for tiny creature statues. (I'm especially smitten with adorable little deer and plump little birds.) These woodland critters look darling hanging out together on a couple of books. Precious. (via ModCloth)

I love me some well-stocked, well-accessorized bar carts. This one is perfect in so many ways. A couple colorful, vintage books. A bowl for corks. A variety of aged metallic surfaces shimmering. Hot pink flowers. And a great collection of wine. (If only I could keep my wine stocked like that!) My bar cart aspires to this level of design in every way. (via At Home in Love)

Kitchens aren't the first thing that come to mind when you hear the word cute, but this little kitchen shelf nails it. Adding details like this basket for storing a favorite cookbook and vintage cup for utensils is so charming. (via Syl Loves Shabby)

More kitchen inspiration. (I don't know why I struggle with decorating my kitchen so much.) I don't have the counter space to devote to displaying all these bottles, but it turns the stove area into a kitschy, quirky, and eclectic corner to cook. And you gotta love that print. (via Design*Sponge)

Just because something is hidden behind cupboard doors doesn't mean it should be lovely. This bathroom cabinet interior is a perfect example. I adore the pink toolbox and bath/body products on the round tray. I'm thinking about my bathroom storage in a whole new light now. (via Tipsaholic)  

Lastly, this bookshelf-turned-bedside table is nightstand styling at its best. A colorful lamp. A tray. Hot pink flowers. (I love those always.) A classic, shiny alarm clock. A Target candle that I looove the smell of. Books stored below. Cute accessories. And a basket to corral clutter. (via From My Grey Desk Blog)

Those critter figurines are a common detail in my decorating. What's a telltale detail of your decor style?

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