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10 Ways to Freshen Up Your Space for Spring

Spring is finally in the air. After a long winter, the indoors get so stuffy, dusty, and dreary. I can't wait to throw open the windows and let a little springtime in. Springing forward into the season of April showers and May flowers doesn't have to be time (or budget) consuming. Here are my ten go-to tricks to freshening up any space for springtime.

1. Take On Spring Cleaning
Whether you dwell in a dorm or apartment, your space will benefit from some good, old fashioned spring cleaning. De-clutter your cabinets. Clear out your closets. Pack away those winter clothes. Shine up the hardwood floors. Wash the windows. 

2. Hang Up Some Sheers
Since you don't have to worry about those drafty December nights, fold up the flannel and heavy damask curtains. Away with the solid colors. Sheers are simple, chic, and can usually be found on the cheap. If you want a little more oomph, opt for some sheers with added ruffles, trim, or lace.

3. Choose New Hues
Just as your wardrobe colors change with the seasons, so can your decor. Look to your closet for inspiration. The colors you're most comfortable wearing will also be the most comfortable to live in. Love whites and neutrals? Freshen up your space with crisp whites and creamy ivories. Enjoy stealing the spotlight in show-stopping red? Bring in the crimson.

4. Pack a Punch with Pattern
Stripes, chevron, and ikat – oh my! And don't forget the go-to floral patterns of springtime. As new colors can amp up the style in a space... so can pattern! Pulling in pattern can be easy and cheap. Focus on easy-to-swap-out accessories like throw pillows, accent rugs, blankets, and artwork. 

5. Rearrange Your Room
Think about fresh ways to optimize your space for spring. Love waking up to the chirping birds? Position your bed closer to (or under) the window. Like to blog or do homework with an occasional view to admire? Put your desk in front of a window. Plan on entertaining often? Bring more chairs into the living room. Worst case scenario: you live with it, decide you don't like it, and put everything back.

6. Host a Little Shindig
Welcome spring with an official celebration. Invite your girls, don your prettiest dresses, sip on fruity drinks, and munch on tasty little morsels to bid winter farewell and ring in the warmer months. Consider getting creative with your get-together by turning it into a proper tea party, spring wardrobe swap, Pinterest crafternoon, or baking party.

7. Turn Up New Tunes
Have you been listening to the same music all winter long? Give yourself something fresh to hum along to – or return to some nostalgic favorites. Try going to and combining your preferred genre or artist with tags like springtime and spring. Folk + Springtime + Indie is a good place to start. Hit play and enjoy the carefully curated, ad-free playlists.

8. Flaunt Fresh Flowers
Nothing says spring like fresh flowers. You don't have to go all out with elaborate arrangements. In fact, sometimes less is more. Buy a cheap, simple bouquet of pretty flowers from the super market or florist. Rather than stick the bunch in one vase... divide and conquer. Separate flowers into antique vases or jars that you can place throughout your space – windowsills, kitchen table, nightstand, desk. You'll get the most bang (and beauty) for your buck.

9. Switch Out Old Scents
As much as I love winter's aromas of baked goods, vanilla, pumpkin, and apple cinnamon spice... the scents just smell too heavy for springtime. Time for a new candle, reed diffuser, or Fabreze – whichever you prefer. Florals, fruits, and fresh grassy smells will all liven up your dorm or apartment in a jiffy.

10. Bring in the Beverages
Lastly, enjoy your space while sipping on a springtime beverage. Goodbye, stouts, porters, apple ciders, and mulled wines. Hello crisp white wines, sparkling ciders, coriander-infused saisons, and shandies. Throw in a few raspberries or strawberries for good measure.

What's your favorite way to freshen up for spring?

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