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Springtime or autumn, business casual or business conservative  corporate or creative – the navy blue blazer is a wardrobe staple for any working girl to have on hand for internships, interviews, and the daily grind. It can be dressed up or dress down. It can blend in or stand out. And you're bound to find a cut and cost to suit your shape and budget.

I've been looking for the perfect navy blue blazer for a while now – mainly because I love the look of a blazer thrown over a white tee and skinny jeans. (Perfect to wear from the office to happy hour!) Now that I'm back on the job market, this blazer rose right to the top of my working girl wardrobe wishlist. And while thrifting, I found one. Perfect fit in the shoulders. Slim in the arms, but roomy enough for moving around easily and shaking hands. Slightly long in that menswear inspired boyfriend blazer style that I love so much. Like-new condition. And since I was thrifting, I scored it for a bargain price of $6.

Doubtless, I'll be wearing my navy blue blazer to my remaining month at work and on my weekends out on the town. But I'm hoping to score some interviews in the upcoming weeks and months as well. To be preparing, I'm trying to pull together some go-to looks now so that when I land an interview that'll be one less thing to stress about. Plus, outfit planning is fun. Am I right?

I'll put together a Polyvore set (above) with some of my favorite blouses, skirts, and shoes that I think would go lovely with the navy blue blazer. Problem is, I have too many options. So I'm coming to you, my lovely readers, for some fashion advice. (You're all so trendy and helpful like that.)

How would you style this blazer for an interview? The positions I'm applying for will likely be a balance between business casual and creative... and I like to err on the side of being over-dressed rather than under-dressed  Prefer a different blouse than the ones I have shown? Fancy a pair of pants instead? You're not limited to the items I have in the set and I'm open to all possibilities  (I can always go thrifting and/or shopping for a piece I don't have.)

Ready... set... style!

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