Vote! What color should I paint this desk?

I'm planning on tackling a desk project and I'd love YOUR input! I might be purchasing the above Ikea Mikael desk from a Craigslister. I'm going to check it out later today and if it's in good shape, it'll be going home with me. The birch isn't really my style, so I'm going to give the Mikael a makeover with some paint – and eventually a glass top. Problem is, I can't decide what color to paint it!

Here's a mock-up of what my desk space will kinda sorta look like. Antique radiator to the left, cubical shelving to the right. Surrounded by my Chasing Paper Vintage Red Floral removable wallpaper. Looking out my big windows dressed in sheers. A red and beige striped rug nearby. 

And here's an Instagram of my bedroom, so you can get a taste for the colors and style. It's a little skewed thanks to the filter, but there's lots of red, some yellow green, some darker green, some cream, some gray, some burlap beige, and a bit of golden yellow.

Some colors I don't want to paint it include: white (too easy to get dirty), brown (too boring), black (just no). 

So let your colors fly! I can't wait to get busy with a painting project this weekend and set up a nice workspace in my bedroom.

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