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Styling the Twirl Next Door Dress | Uniquely You with Modcloth


If there's one thing my workday outfits must do, it's transition from the office hours to after hours. Whether I'm meeting a girlfriend for dinner and drinks, browsing antique and vintage shops, or blogging by myself at a coffee shop, I like to look pulled together while still showing off my unique style.

So when ModCloth challenged me to create a Polyvore board showcasing how I'd rock the Twirl Next Door dress, I couldn't resist playing virtual dress-up.

This Twirl Next Door Dress does just the trick when it comes to transitioning work to play. The a-line is my favorite silhouette – the full, pleated skirt and defined waist equals more flatter for my figure. The neckline is modest enough for the office without feeling uptight. And the black and ivory stripes are one of my favorite patterns to work with – classic yet modern, feminine without the frill, and graphic without being busy.

Here's how I'd style the Twirl Next Door dress:

Curvy, cream'n'coral colored pumps make me swoon. I'd wear these vintagey, two-toned babies to the office and then switch into adorable flat sandals (in the same fab coral hue!) to stroll around downtown from thrift shop to antique shop. 
I love the bookish tote that pays homage to one of my favorite literary figures: Jo from Little Women. While I may not have grown up to be Jo – as was my girlhood dream – I did grow up to be a writer. So that counts, right? The coral and ivory colors are spot-on to match the shoes. (I like to coordinate.) In the morning, I'll stash my sandals, tablet, and work stuff. In the afternoon, I'll be able to stash kolaches and other tasty pastries when I hit up the Czech bakery. 
The office sometimes gets chilly and a girl's gotta keep cozy. In that tote, I'll also stash a cardigan. With all the coral going on, I'll reach for a fresh emerald green for summery contrast. As for final touches, I classic watch is a must. I hate checking my phone for the time – especially during meetings. And lastly, I'll pin in adorable quotation earrings. (Is my grammar geek showing yet?)

While I would wear this dress from office hours to happy hours, there are several other frocks from ModCloth just begging to be added to my closet. Like the Main Street Market dress, which I'd pair with those coral sandals and sport on a weekend road-trip to breweries. Or the Loganberry Beautiful dress, which I'd wear with the coral and cream pumps and get all fancied up for a wedding. Or the lovely and lacy Adrift on a Cloud dress that I'm longing to wear on a romantic date. So many cute dresses, so little closet space.

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