My Apartment's Problem Area | Built-in Bedroom Clothes Rack

Allow me to introduce you to my apartment's nagging little problem area. A closet shelf and clothes rod awkwardly present in the corner of my bedroom. The landlord put it there. It's screwed in. And taking it down or painting it is not an option. It's there and I need to make it work. But after over 12 months of leasing this place, I have yet to make it look intentional and beautiful – while keeping it functional. This shelf mocks me every single day. What's a girl to do?

I did, however, scavenge Pinterest for some inspiring decor that includes an out-in-the-open clothes rack in the bedroom. Which one is your favorite? Any other ideas?

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not your standard
pottery barn 
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teen vogue 
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Carolyn said...

Do you need to hang your clothes on it? Could you hang some curtains on the rod and turn it into like a storage corner? Hang some twinkly lights under it and slide in a big chair and you've got a cozy (albeit kind of odd) little reading nook.

emily said...

What about scarves? They're colorful and would be cute displayed! I do like the open display of clothing though. You could put your "go to" items on it like jackets or sweaters or something that you wear a lot.

Kristin said...

Maybe go off the pottery barn photo where all the clothes are the same color scheme? I saw that you room had a lot of pink - feature some of your pink clothes with some green storage boxes on top?

Ria said...

Could turn it into a place for accessories. You could hang scarves or necklaces from it, with books on top that might turn it into a more of a feature wall type area? Alternatively - depending on how much room is underneath, you could put a small table underneath it you could use the rod to string lights up and balance a mirror on the table to turn it into a vanity/dressing table? Xx