Open House! | Updated Tour of My Apartment

I finally got around to snapping a full photo tour of my apartment, which was also featured in Apartment Therapy's Small Cool Contest this year! (Check it out at Jessica's "More is More")

So without further ado... come on in! :)

Living Room / Dining Area / Kitchen

This all-in-one room pulls triple duty in my lovely Victorian apartment. Some days it feels tight, mostly it feels cozy. Plus, it's nice to be able to cook, dine, watch tv, and listen to records all in one lovely room.

Orange Sofa - Craigslist | Rug, pouf, table under window, round pillow, curtains - Target | Arm chair, suitcase, typewriter case, ice cream parlor chair, copper heater - antique stores | Blankets, tray - Walmart | Square pillows - Family Dollar | Of Monsters and Men lyric canvases - DIY


I agonized over which fun rug to pick at Target. Go with turquoise since it's my favorite color? Go with purple to pick up the plum from the tv cabinet and sofa blanket? I ended up going with my gut and taking a risk on the pink. I'm so glad I did – I love it!

I still can't believe I found this orange couch on Craigslist for $40. I love the color. Sometimes the sofa tends to eat me, but it's super comfy for afternoon naps and evening Netflix binges. That copper thing on the radiator is one of my first antique purchases. I bought it not knowing what it was; I just loved the copper. Once home, I did some research and found out that it's a 1920s era space heater. So cool.

Space is limited in this space, obviously. I use my vintage suitcase and a vintage typewriter case underneath for a base. This makes for an easy coffee table when I need one. When I need floor space, I just pick up both cases by their handles and move them to another room or behind the couch.

Purple tv cabinet, bar cart, record holder (actually a kitchen lid rack spray-painted copper), basket - Target | Crossley turntable - Books-a-Million | Lamp base and lamp shade - Family Dollar | Gone with the Wind prints - Etsy | Roy Lichtenstein-inspired print, large floral canvas art, deer silhouette - DIY | Vintage gold glasses - antique store | Vodka, gin, brandy - Cedar Ridge Vineyards in Swisher, IA | Crate - belonged to my grandpa years and years ago, found it in his garage

My retro-inspired dining table is almost too big for the space, but it was my mom's. When she was getting rid of it to buy a larger one, I couldn't pass it up. It goes great with the lime green chairs I nabbed at a garage sail for $10 years ago. Renter-friendly removable wallpaper - Chasing Paper | Deer head - Target | Brick rug - FoFlor Photo Real Rugs 

The paint chip canvases over the cupboards were a project I did for Do It Yourself magazine – I like that they add a much needed splash of color up there. Vintage fan, vintage clock radio - antique stores | Blue portable grill, picnic basket, kettle, bread box, canisters - Target | Copper tiles - Goodwill | Wall decal - Cozy Wall Art

I think my tiny little sliver of a kitchen is the most challenging spot in my apartment. It's hard to make it pretty while also making it functional. Storage is a big issue. I brought in this hand-me-down standalone cabinet as a temporary solution. I may transform it with a little DIY love or replace it entirely with open metal shelving. I take advantage of extra surface space on my fridge by putting canisters and oft-used utensils up there.


You can't tell from this picture, but if you take a look at the floor plan you'll see that my bathroom is ridiculously spacious. It's nice. I'm spoiled. And every tiny apartment (or even house) bathroom after this will most likely not compare. Chair, toolbox - antique store | Wooden table - hand-me-down | Shower curtain - Deny Designs | Amore letter sign - gift shop back in my hometown | Window drapes - Target

Iron headboard (spray painted red) - furniture store in my hometown | Floral quilt - TJ Maxx | Green velvet pillows, bookcase, magazine files, red comforter, drapes - Target | Green and red pillows - Dollar Store | Burlap pillows - Etsy | Chair, desk chair - antique shops | Plaid blanket - Walmart | Renter friendly removable wallpaper - Chasing Paper

My apartment comes with three closets: a big one in the hallway, a huge walk-in in the bathroom, and the one in the bedroom. The bedroom closet has a window in it. No idea why. Plus, it has no door. So instead of hanging clothes in there and treating it like a closet, I've used it for more creative purposes. It was first a reading nook with a bookcase and chair in there. Now, it's been transformed into my writing and blogging desk nook. Best decision ever.

Desk - Ikea find on Craigslist, painted | Blue electrical insulators, typewriter - antique store | Baskets, 'It Is What It Is' canvas, floral drapes - Target

And that's all for now, folks!

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Unknown said...

Nice apartment!!!!!! How did you make that floorplan?


Crystal @ My Not So Grown Up Life said...

I love your layout and design! I just recently moved to an apartment with my boyfriend and I have so much I want to do but no idea where to start!


Unknown said...

I love all floorplans and see where others put their furniture… Yours is no exception!
And I love your coloful decor and styling. The pink rug is so fun! Not sure if I would be brave enough for such bold colors but I love to have a look at them :)