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I know that I said decorating and organizing wouldn't be part of my Apartment Purge, but last Friday I took on a problem zone that I just couldn't put off any longer. It was part purge, part organization project. It was my mess of a bathroom vanity:

Makeup all over my nice, big counter top. Lotions, nail polishes, perfumes, and hair products taking over my nice little shelves. And random things hanging out like Christmas bulbs. (How does that even happen?!)

First, I went through that monstrous amount of lotions, hair products, and body mists. I had Victoria's Secret and Bath & Body products from like two generations of packaging ago. I had old nail polishes, near-empty body mist bottles, and hair products that have gotten so gunky I wouldn't dare put it on my hair. Embarrassing, I know. Just another result packing things away instead of throwing them away each time I've moved. I grabbed a garbage bag and cleaned those shelves out.

I bought these silver metallic baskets at Bath & Body for $1 each years ago. I used the four of them to organize the things I didn't throw away. In one basket: face washes and makeup remover. In another: hair products. In another: lotions, nail polish, and nail polish remover. In the last basket: my many pairs of glasses, in their cases. I also cleaned out my cosmetics and organized it all into my vintage toolbox.

On one side of my mirror, I put the lotions I use on a daily basis: my Hempz Treats in lemon, strawberry, and vanilla. A large mason jar holds G's and my toothbrushes and toothpaste, while a smaller one contains my DIY lavender bath salt. 

On the other side of the mirror, I organized my many, many lipsticks. I hit up the Dollar Store and spent $5 on two short candle holders and three tall. A few small white candle holders I already had on hand hold some other cosmetics and essential oils.

So there. I tackled one part of my bathroom. In the coming weeks, I'll be getting around to tackling the real beast: my bathroom's walking closet

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