Freebie: Lovely Lists for Work or School (Download & Print!)

For the first time in a long time, I'm absolutely swamped. If I'm not planning and writing for clients at my full-time job, I'm planning and writing for the blog. While I love having everything on my Google calendar and scribbled out in my handy-dandy planner, nothing beats a good checklist. I scavenged Pinterest and printed off a few, but they weren't quite getting the job done for me. So I created my own. Then I shared a picture of them on Instagram. And then the requests started rolling in.

Now here I am sharing them with you to download, print, and get organized with. I'm no professional designer, so they're for fun and for FREE. I hope they help you as much as they're helping me! :)

Also, I got requests for some college-friendly checklists. You'll find them below, too.

Download here:

For the Working Girl:

Weekly To Do List
Five little checklists for your five workdays, plus a notes section.

Clients To Do List
Four color-coded quadrants for important client / customer tasks.

Blog To Do List
Four places to jot down posts to publish, emails to
reply to, projects to tackle, and ideas to contemplate.

Shopping List
Four quadrants to turn grocery shopping into a mission.
Name the sections as you like – Dairy, Produce, Desserts, etc.
(And mainly, to keep me on target while shopping at Target.)

For the College Girl:

Move-In List
Whether you're moving into a new apartment or a dorm,
this four quadrant list (divided up into kitchen, living, bedroom,
and bathroom) to keep your moving experience organized.
Download Here

Weekly To Do List
Same checklist as above, but with the notes section
converted to a Saturday/Sunday section for all
your weekend adventures, activities, and to-dos.
Download Here

Packing List
Packing is a pain, but unpacking disorganized boxes
is a mess. Print this list, customize the quadrants, and
you'll thank yourself later on when you're unpacking.
Download Here

Class To Do List
I adjusted the client list to be a class list. Print a sheet
for each course on your schedule to keep track of
upcoming assignments, projects, and study dates.
Download Here

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