I found my dream apartment

5x the size. 3x the commute. 2x the price. I found my dream apartment today.

I'm happy in my 511 sq. ft. Victorian apartment, I promise. I'm comfortable here – so is my furniture and my bank account. But you see, I have this horrible hobby of Craigslist-crawling. I scavenge the listings daily. Looking for cheap old furniture to makeover. Ooohing and awwing over adorable pets for adoption. And, of course, drooling over apartments. Sometimes, one catches my eye that I'd sorta-kinda consider moving to, but then I'm quickly deterred by the sheer thought of packing up and moving.

But today... TODAY... I fell in love. When I think of my dream apartment, here's what comes to mind: high ceilings, a clawfoot bathtub, hardwood floors, historic charm, lots of character. Well this afternoon, my fingertips stumbled across a real beauty.

Those floors. Those double closets. Those built-in shelves.
2500 sq. ft. of open loft space. A gorgeous kitchen with a breakfast bar. Exposed brick walls. A huge bathroom with a standing shower and a separate clawfoot tub. 19 ft. (nineteen?!) tin ceilings. Hardwood floors throughout. An enclosed backyard. Washer and dryer on site. And pet-friendly. Check, check, check, check... can you here the checks going off on my list?

I wish I could see the tin ceilings, but 19-feet in the air...
I guess they couldn't fit them in the frame. *swoon*
The lovely loft is located about thirty minutes away – a commute that would totally be doable. And it's in a quaint Small Town, Iowa – which I could deal with given the gorgeousness of this apartment. The deal breaker is that it's a whopping 2x what I'm paying now. Granted, it is also 5x the square footage.

I. Can't. Even. There's even wainscoting.
If student loans were the bane of my existence, I'd seriously consider dishing out the dough for this heartthrob of a home. I wish the building were broken up into smaller units with smaller monthly price tags. In the meantime, I'm just going to imagine living there and decorating the loft. A girl can dream, right?

I saved the best for last. Look at those brick walls!

Now accepting donations for my loft fund. ;)

But seriously.

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Unknown said...

What a really wonderufl apartment!

And I share your hobby… I won't be moving before next summer but I already know every single apartment that's currently available in my new city ;)

Love, Midsommarflicka

Jessica • The Lovely Side said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one constantly dreaming of a new place even though I love my current one. ;)

Have a lovely day!