#OfficeHours2HappyHour Giveaway | Win a $50 Gordmans Gift Card! (Closed)

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Ready for something unexpected? Like a Gordmans giveaway?!
Gordmans has just launched a new fashion lined called the Misses Contemporary department, which combines both elements of dressy and casual styles to fit your total lifestyle. Yes, you: the college student, the intern, the young professional. You'll find trendy brands like Kensie, Jessica Simpson, and BB Dakota at 60% off department store prices. That's what this bargain shopper likes to see.

It just so happens that the new Misses Contemporary line just launched in my local store. So Gordmans set me up with $50 in gift cards and a mission. My task: Put together a lovely ensemble that can easily transition from office hours to happy hour. Because girls like us – the students, the interns, the young professionals – we need a versatile wardrobe that takes us from the classroom to the craft brewery and from the workplace to the winery. I couldn't wait to check out this new line.

Heading in to find a versatile and adorable ensemble.
After work last week, I skipped the cocktails and headed straight for my local Gordmans. Upon arrival, I swooned a little. It's been a while since I was faced with so many clothes and so many deals. (Plus, this store was quite larger than any I'd shopped in previously.) A friendly salesgirl pointed me in the direction of the Misses Contemporary section.

I decided to set myself some boundaries before letting all the bargains go to my head. Rule 1: No shoes. You can barely see my bedroom floor through the pointy-toed flats right now. Rule 2: No dresses. A dress is a complete outfit and that's just too easy. Rule 3: Pick out things that are versatile enough to work into the rest of my work wardrobe.

Boundaries set, I commenced the hunt. Here are some of the things that caught my eye: A chic black and white dress. A cute, red and white, zig zag patterned, sheer tank. An adorably vintage-looking navy blue dress with white polka dots. And an almost-turquoise blazer.

Here^ are some things I almost bought.
I'm normally a quickie shopper. I see something, know immediately if I want it, and decide whether or not to buy it. I spent a good two hours moseying around Gordmans, trying on clothing, and deliberating how to spend my $50. 

My Gordmans loot – top, pants, watch, and earrings.

Ultimately, this is what I took to the checkout:
17.99 - Black and ivory chevron top. It feels almost tribal... in a minimalist way.
19.99 - Black ankle-length pants. They're stretchy and comfy, but the spandex has a dressy sort of sheen.
9.99 - Black and gold watch. The band is leather, so no itch. (Metals make my wrist break into a rash.)
2.00 - Gold lightening bolt earrings. So much better than a statement necklace or bangly bracelet.
It all came in at 49.97. :)

I love me some low prices.

For office hours:
Shoes - I grabbed my ivory and black snakeskin pointy-toe flats off the floor.
Glasses - I slipped on my geek-chic pair of big black and clear frames.
Makeup - Neutral eyeshadow. A little black eyeliner. A bit of blush. Lots of mascara.
Lipstick - A rosy shade of pink that isn't too overwhelming for the office.

How I wore my #OfficeHours2HappyHour outfit.

For happy hour:
Shoes - The snakeskin flats if I were walking anywhere, otherwise black ankle booties.
Glasses - I'd probably take them off and add a bit of winged liner to my eyes.
Makeup - Just a bit more mascara, daaaahling. That's all.
Lipstick - I'd wipe off the pink and swipe on some bright cherry red.

Ready for the best part?
Gordmans didn't just send me $50. They sent me another $50 for one of YOU! That's right. You can go on your own workplace-to-wineplace wardrobe hunt.

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Thank you, Gordmans! :)

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Shelby said...

I was so excited for this, seeing the cute looks...until I got to the fine print! :( I don't have a local Gordmans (confession: I've never even HEARD of Gordmans before!). Guess I'll have to pass this one up.

Jessica • The Lovely Side said...

Bummer! Sorry you're missing out on this one, Shelby.

Please stay tuned for more giveaways popping up very soon! ;)

elizabethgrace said...

I was stoked to enter, but my nearest Gordman's is an hour away. With my crazy hairdresser job, there is no way to swing a trip down anytime soon. I look forward to other giveaways! Cheers!

Jessica • The Lovely Side said...

There will be more giveaways coming!

...But you do have 2 weeks in case your sched frees up for a Gordmans trip. ;)

Ashley Bree said...

I just moved to Idaho and luckily we have a Gordmans and hour away! yay! but in San Antonio, TX where we are originally from we do not have one. :)

Jessica • The Lovely Side said...

Just wanted to let you know that the rules have changed and you can now enter without visiting your nearest store! :)

Ashleah Page Courtney said...

I think one of my favorite things that transitions from clinic to happy hour (or anything really!) is a good pair of ballet flats.

Lacey J. said...

A black suit jacket! It pulls together a more casual outfit for work and can be removed or dressed up for happy hour!