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5 Must-Have Apps for My Upcoming Vacation | #TabletCrew Acer Iconia Tab A1-840

Next week, I get to go on vacation. Not a pack-your-bag, drive-two-hours, visit with friends and family for the weekend type of vacation. But a pack-your-suitcase, hop-on-a-plane, hang out with the boyfriend and his parents for a week split between Phoenix and San Diego kinda vacation. And it's been a long time coming. And my trust travel companion has made it even easier. (Not the boyfriend! Though he's been rad about planning the trip.) I'm talking about my trusty Acer Iconia Tab A1-840. Yep, she's coming with.

In my carry-on. In my purse. In my hands. My Iconia is helping me get excited for, plan for, and pack for the upcoming adventure. (I'm sure she'll be a lotta fun when we get there, too.)

Here are the 5 must-have apps I've downloaded in prep for the trip:

I bounce between old fashioned books and e-books, but e-books are much more convenient for travel. I'm not sure whether I'll be finishing up George R. R. Martin's Clash of Kings or a new Victorian-era mystery set in England. Either way, it will be there without me having to pack a bag of books... because that just won't fly. (Heh! Get it?)

One thing that bums me out about my Windows 8 tablet (as much as I love her) is that I can't have Instagram on it. Since these Iconia is Android, I'm all set up and ready to go. This is definitely an app I'll use more when I'm out on the West Coast, but for now I've been scrolling San Diego and Phoenix fashion hashtags for wardrobe inspiration. Speaking of which...

I came across this app randomly, took a look, and thought it'd fit right in. It's great. You enter your vacation dates, your destination, and some of the activities you have planned (fancy dinner, beach, etc.). You can also select whether you're okay with re-wearing basics or if you'll have access to laundry. Then the app generates a packing list for you. You can add and remove items based as you wish, but this is coming in super handy for me. We're going on a hike in Arizona (something I've never done) and the hike list reminded me of several things I need to stash in my suitcase that I might have otherwise forgotten... like a sports bra.

EverNote is my digital handy dandy notebook. I love that I can store anything there. So when a random writing or blogging idea strikes me, I'll have a place to file it away for later. I do need to get better at filing away my notes, though. It's getting pretty crowded in there.

Last but certainly not least, I downloaded the Blogger app. Hopefully I'll have a bit of free time to jump online and share a blog post or two. I've never blogged on anything but a laptop or desktop computer, so blogging on a tablet will be a whole new level. I'm excited and have a sneaky feeling that I might end up hooked. 

There are other apps I'll be using, to. I've downloaded my essentials: Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, and AccuWeather. I've downloaded some additional entertainment apps for when I'm tired of reading and just want some visual stimulation: WeHeartIt and Pinterest. And this is probably going to make my boyfriend and I sound like a wrinkly old couple, but we love tuning into local police scanners on weekend nights. Haha. So I'll probably get one of those apps so we can listen to what hooligans are up to in sunny CA and AZ. 

There's just one thing my tablet is missing that I really wish I had: a keyboard. I know, I know... "But it's a tablet; you don't need a keyboard." But I'm a writer. And I do. I've been scoping out some options online for a sleek little bluetooth keyboard and case, but nothing's won me over just yet. And the ones that did were either a size too big or too small for my Iconia. So I'm keeping my eyes open for the time being.

Well, I've got to get back to planning out my entire wardrobe for the upcoming week and figuring out how to fit it into a carry-on sized suitcase. 

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Now it's your turn. Tell me how to dress for San Diego and Phoenix at this time of year. Spill your smooth travel secrets. Clue me in to another helpful app to download on my tablet. Ready, set, go:

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Anonymous said…
I lived in Phoenix up until this past July. If you need any restaurant or attraction recommendations, just let me know! Enjoy your vacation, you deserve it!

-Julie @ The Crafty Grad
Kylea Johnson said…
Phoenix is still in the 100's for the time being and probably won't cool down until the end of October. I recommend Llght dresses, shorts, airy shirts, and sandals. Oh and you may need a light sweater or cardigan to wear inside. Every place has their ac on and it can get a bit chilly inside.
Carolyn said…
An an Arizona resident, make sure you bring breathable clothes. And if you plan on doing anything outdoors, some protective layers. It's amazing how quickly sunburns happen. ENjoy your trip!
Chelsea Nicole said…
I live in Phoenix! It's still in the 90s-100s during the day and maybe drops to the 70s at night if you're lucky. Wear shorts or dresses but bring clothes to layer while in San Diego!


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