Music Spotlight: Sir Sly, Broods, Noosa, & MisterWives

Need a dose of new music for your Friday? Check out these four artists that I'v recently discovered – and that my ears have become quite smitten with.
(Image: Top left – Sir Sly; Top right – Broods, Bottom left – Noosa, Bottom right – MisterWives)

Sir Sly | These three L.A. boys crank out atmospheric, indie-meets-electronic music with just the right amount of moodiness. Plus, Sir Sly sounds like a mash-up of The Neighbourhood and Snowmine. And I just can't seem to get enough.

Broods | This brother-sister duo hailing from Auckland, New Zealand make beautiful electronic pop that mixes her lovely voice and with his multi-instrumentalist talents. I could listen to Broods all day long. Her lovely, soft but sultry voice reminds me of Colbie Caillat's vocals melted with Lorde's – but even better than either.
Noosa | Light, upbeat tunes mingle with her sweet, vintage-tinged vocals – and Noosa calls it "fairy pop." It's happy, it's free-spirited, and it's something you can listen to while working, writing, blogging, or studying. 
MisterWives | Indie spirit, synth pop sounds, and folksy singing come together in this unique band of one female and two males. In some subtle and some not-so-subtle ways, their music contains all of my favorite elements from Of Monsters and Men, Duffy, and Passion Pit – but MisterWives has a sound all their own.
Listen to and share them all yourself on my Spotify curated playlist:

Let me know what you think!

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