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One of my new place's biggest perks? Being allowed to paint the walls. However, just because I can paint the walls doesn't mean I will – all at once, anyway. That's too much time, effort, and money. So I'm painting room by room, month by month.

At this point, I'm planning on using the living room as just that. The room is painted a dusty lavender. And while I don't love it on its own, I think it will work really well with my color scheme of orange, plum, and turquoise with antique bronze accents. The decor board above gives a good idea of what I'm aiming for in the space, though not all of the furniture is exactly what I have.

Orange (sofa, coffee table cart, record player)
Plum (curtains, tv/turntable cabinet)
Turquoise (throw pillows, chair, rug)
Bronze (bar cart, magazine holders)

Alphonse Mucha is one of my favorite artists. He was a Czech Art Nouveau painter, which is lovely little nod to my neighborhood's Bohemian heritage. I especially love his Job painting for its rich purple hues. I'd love to get a print, frame it, and use it as a focal piece of art in the living room.

Blending furniture styles is my thing. So my retro orange sofa will live happily alongside antique Louis style chairs, modern metal coffee table cart, and contemporary tv cabinet. 

I'll warm up the perfectly worn hardwood floors with a teal and ivory quadrefoil rug and dress the two windows with silky plum drapes. I'm also planning on adding some kind of privacy film to at least part of the windows since they face the street. There will be some glimmery accents, too, in the form of antiqued, brushed bronze on the bar cart, magazine files, and my coat tree, which I'll be spray painting a metallic gold or bronze.

What do you think?

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