Paint It Black | 10 Gorgeous Rooms That Make Me Consider Black Walls

One of the major perks to my new apartment is that I'm allowed to paint the walls. For real. Any colors my heart desires. The landlord said so – and he said he looks forward to seeing what colors I choose. This is a big moment for this long-time renter who has slowly come to love appreciate white walls. I'm actually okay with what most of the rooms are painted as now – except for the bedroom. It's lavender. With giant darker lavender diamonds on the walls. It feels a little too circus-y – and not Water for Elephants way. 

Painting the bedroom is at the top of my to-do list, so I'm gazing at paint chips, scrolling endlessly through Pinterest, and losing sleep over what color to do. One of the top contenders is black.

(Above photo: 8birds)

Brit + Co
Why black? It's dark and cozy, which I think is ideal for a bedroom. Plus, I think it would provide a perfect backdrop for letting my brightly colored, floral quilt pop. And maybe this is just me rebelling against years of bland rental walls, but black is also the complete opposite of white. 

Little Green Notebook
See?! Look at how the bedding's crisp white, bright crimson, and golden yellow pop against black!

I'm kinda in love with this black wallpaper featuring tiny woodland creatures. (There are many fat, little birds and tiny deer strewn throughout my decor – hiding on bookshelves, behind desk lamps, and next to the sink.)

Hollister Hovey
With antiques and vintage furniture, black can give off a gothic or apothecary vibe. I've been digging that look for a while now and I'd like to blend it with my happy florals in an eclectic style.

Source Unknown
House Beautiful
I feel like – out of all of these photos – those one most accurately meshes with what my room would look like if I painted the walls black. The hardwood floors, mix-and-matched patterns, antiques, vintage accessories, and eclectic elements delight me.

Casa Sugar
Apartment Therapy
The Decorista

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Anonymous said...

I painted my bedroom "Naval" by Sherwinn Williams. It is a truly dark Navy and I love it! I thought it was going to make my room small and extra dark but it really didn't. It still seems spacious and plenty bright during the day. I have a duvet with very bright flowers on it as well as some brightly painted furniture (ie. road line yellow and olive/lime green) and they really popped in the room. I love the color and would paint my room a similar color in a heartbeat if I moved!