Red, Green, Gray, and Cream Bedroom | New Apartment Inspiration

I'm so glad I'm allowed to paint in the new space because the bedroom will be the first room to get painted. One of the previous tenants painted it a light lavender with giant darker lavender diamonds on the walls. It's a bit circus-y in the worst of ways.

I was toying with the idea of navy blue walls (and they still might win out), but for now I'm planning on a dark, almost black, warm gray for the walls. The light hardwood floors and white trim will look crisp and the colors of my bedding will pop. As usual, the colors will be based around my beloved floral quilt that I scored at TJ Maxx years ago.

Crimson (iron headboard, bedding, pillows)
Greens (typewriter table, bedding, pillows)
Cream (curtains, wall sconce lighting, trim)
Chestnut (dresser, nightstand, chair, floors)

I have a giant Gone with the Wind poster that I bought years ago in college. Imagining how the fiery reds and organges will pop against dark gray walls, I think this poster will be perfect in this room. (Plus, it's the closer I'll ever get to having Clark Gable in my bedroom. Hehe.)

I'll be using my iron headboard, which was spray painted red a couple years ago. One on side of the bed, I'll put a small wooden table. On the other side, I'm going to use the vintage metal typewriter table that I painted green. My handsome mid-century dresser and a vintage chair will also be in the room.

Besides filling the bed with patterned pillows in red, greens, and creams, I'll be adding a few burlap pillows for a rustic touch. Rather than table lamps, I'd like to hang ivory cage-style sconces on either side of the bed. I'll have a small stack of books in there, of course. And I'm starting to think a fluffy, white, faux sheepskin rug will be perfect on the floor next to the bed.

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