Working Girl Wardrobe | Chloe: IDEALS Grant Coordinator

Working girl Chloe York is employed as IDEALS Grant Coordinator in the Community Education department at Memphis College of Art. She manages and recruits for the IDEALS grant, which allows low-income students to attend any of the college's community education courses at no charge. 

"I also plan activities for these budding artists to take part in for college planning and portfolio building with the hopes of eventually leading them to a career as a successful artist in some capacity." - Chloe

As a recent graduate of Memphis College of Art (BFA 2012), Chloe continues to make paintings that have been shown in many galleries. She's already making a name for herself at a young age – one of her solo exhibitions was named one of the Top 10 Visual Art Shows in Memphis for the year 2013.

Chloe says that working at an art college is pretty laid back. The clothes she wears to the office are not unlike what she wears on her days off. 

Let's break down Chloe's artsy, professional style:

Laid Back and Bohemian
While she's drawn to neutral colors and simple outfits, Chloe loves adding pops of color through her accessories. She's most comfortable wearing knee-length dresses under a cardigan/sweater and with a fun statement necklace. You'll catch her wearing scarves during any season, as well as peasant tops and empire waists.

Walking Friend Shoes
Chloe mostly wears ballet flats and slip-ons, though she occasionally slips into some closed-toe heels. 

What's she wearing today?
Black jeans, black undershirt, a knitted olive green button-up sweater, a green and blue statement necklace from Anthropologie, and black closed-toe heels.

Favorite Shopping Sources
Anthropologie for jewelry and tops. Old Navy for dresses and bottoms. Target for cardigans and sweaters. Urban Outfitters for accessories. Local thrift stores for anything in between.

All in the Beauty Details
To keep things fun, Chloe also paints her nails a different color each week and recently added some blue to the bottom layer of her hair. (She checked with the boss first, of course!) 

A Few No-Nos
Even though the workplace style is casual and comfortable, Chloe never wears jeans or flip flops to the office – and leaves her paint splattered garments at her studio. 

Thanks for sharing your style, Chloe!

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