10 Vintage Inspired Light Switch Plates to Instantly Transform a Room

It's all in the details. And when decorating any room, one of the cheapest, fastest, and easiest improvements to make is switching out the light switch and electrical outlet covers. In our daily lives, we often overlook these beige and white switch plates – and that's okay. But when you swap out the plain-Jane plate for a cover with patina, texture, and even a little glamour, the difference is eye-catching. Suddenly, your room has a bit more character.

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While switch plate covers are generally inexpensive (excluding the gorgeous but pricey Anthropologie cover pictured at the beginning of this post), replacing all of the covers in your house or apartment at once can add up quickly. Instead, go room by room as  you decorate. Buy what suits the room. An art deco plate might look better in your living room while a Victorian cover suits your bedroom. If you're a renter, be sure to keep the old plate covers so that you can put them back (and keep your new ones) when you move out.

The ten lovely switch plates I've rounded up are all available online, but don't overlook your local hardware store, Lowe's, Home Depot, or Menard's for more affordable options. Keep in mind that you can always DIY or spray paint a cover for a little more pizzazz. The steampunk cover above was a do-it-yourself project. And if you find a cover with a design you love but brass finish you loathe, don't be afraid to spray paint it a nice copper, brushed steel, or even a bold color like red.

To shop for these switch plates online, check out the original board on Polyvore.

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