Cherry, Apple Green, White, and Vintage Blue Kitchen | New Apartment Inspiration

For the first time in a long time of renting, I'll have a nice, big kitchen to cook and eat in. Currently, it's all white: floors, walls, and cabinets. A previous tenant put floral stickers on the center of each upper and lower cabinet door. Except for that, I won't be making many changes – at least, right away.

In creating this decor board, I realized that I've become very fond of red and green combos. (My bedroom will feature red with yellow green and emerald green, while my office will have lots of pale jade green with pops of darker red.) I've loved the red/green combination ever sine I figured out how to make it look non-Christmasy. So I guess I'll just go with it – this time adding that vintage greenish blue hue of Ball mason jars.

White (walls, floors, cabinets, dining table)
Cherry Red (kettle, crock pot, accessories)
Apple Green (canisters, towels, dining chairs, accessories) 
Vintage Blue (mason jars, retro radio, accessories)

I'm hoping to track down (or design) some vintage-looking prints featuring coffee, tea, and/or beer. 

I'll be using my white-topped, chrome-accented, retro round dining table and two lime green vinyl dining chairs with chrome legs. I'd like to find a couple more chairs in a similar retro style, but red or blue in color.

My crock pot, blender, and kettle are red. My bread box and cannisters are apple green. And they all have chrome and brush steel accents. And I'm planning on decorating with some retro inspired accents and vintage accessories. 

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