Moving Update: It's the Final Countdown!

It's the very last week I'll be living in my current place. Moving commences this weekend and I could not be more excited / nostalgic / overwhelmed. Last weekend, my wonderful new landlord handed over the key to the place and gave me one last walk-through before I start moving in and making the place my own. With the last tenant's boxes gone, it's clear that I'll have plenty of space to work with and plenty of projects to keep me busy. It's an old house and it isn't perfect. While I don't photos to share with you quite yet (they're coming soon – promise!), I can tell you that the old house imperfection lends itself to many blog-worthy do-it-yourself projects that I can't wait to tackle with my handy bf. 

Packing Packing Packing

The next few evenings will be wholly dedicated to packing – and taking some small boxes over to the new place. I haven't been as packing-productive as I planned. Plus, it's difficult to pack when you have to turn around and clean up the mess so that the landlord can show the place to a prospect the next day. Two steps forward, one step back.

Picking Out Paint Colors
The biggest perk of this place (besides its fantastic location and vintage character) is that the landlord is A-okay with me making the place my own. I'm free to paint the walls as well as the outdated oak trim and vanity in the bathroom. (Can you see how my DIY to-do list is rapidly increasing?!) I'm currently thinking gray for the bedroom and bathroom, light turquoise or yellow green for the office, and a dusty grayish purple for the living room. ...But I'm not settled on specific colors yet at all!

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