5 'Colors of the Year' for 2015: Marsala, Copper Orange, Guilford Green, Blue Paisley, & Coral Reef

Yes, I'm one of those people who gets overly excited each year when all the big design and paint companies announce their "colors of the year." I dig color trends. That being said, there are colors that will always be my "colors of a lifetime" – I'll simply never get sick of rich turquoise, deep purple, warm orange, and a bold coral. I do get psyched when one of my beloved hues shows up as a trendy winner... that means I'll get to admire one of my favorite colors all over Pinterest and the glossy pages of decorating magazines.

Rather than focus on just one color of the year, I've rounded up five from major trendsetters/trendcasters. Let's begin, shall we?

Pantone has announced Marsala as their color of the year. It's earthy, it's winey, and it reminds me of sun-faded red on vintage signs. Less purpley than maroon. Less concentrated than oxlood. Less overwhelming than crimson. It's gorgeous and I'm totally looking forward to seeing this spring up in interior design. (Also, the name really gives me a hankering for some Indian food. Yum.) 

Want to add the spice of marsala to your life? I think dashes of this color in a neutral kitchen would be gorgeous. I especially like the idea of a marsala-hued blouse and a swipe of marsala lipstick on the kisser. A throw pillow is also a great way to bring in the marsala.

AkzoNobel (a huge global paints and coatings company) declared copper orange as their color of the year. Bring my smelling salts! You know I love anything copper. The hue that AkzoNobel chose is a warm and toasty, coppery peach – it's almost rose gold in a way. While I prefer to scatter actual metallic copper accents around my abode, I'm curious to see how others integrate this color into their decor. It seems a perfect shade for the mid-century modern lovers.

In fashion and in interior design, I think this copper orange will be versatile and flattering. I love a copper eye-shadow (it's my daily go-to), but now I'm toying with the idea of a coppery lipstick. A copper orange blouse with just a bit of silky sheen could be the start of a glitzy New Year's Eve getup – or look lovely under a blazer for the office. Move aside rose gold – copper-hued jewelry may be stepping in as a trend. My favorite place to use copper would either be the kitchen (love those measuring spoons!), my bar cart (isn't that a fab platter?), or the office (the copper coating gives those wire baskets a feminine touch). 

Benjamin Moore went in a fresh, lively direction by announcing Guilford Green as their color of the year. Lush green can get dense and overwhelming quickly, but this pale hue has all the right amounts of springtime and sageness to make it a classic, plays-well-with-others color. Depending on what you combine it with, it could blend in as a backdrop or steal the spotlight. 

This color really makes me pine for springtime (even though winter has just barely set in). First off, I'd love to wear it. How cool are those retro sunglasses boasting the guilford hue in their lenses? And the subtly military-esque blouse would be great weekend wear. A simple clutch in this color would add a fresh pop of green to any outfit. Better yet, an adorable cross-body purse would, too. Around the home, I'd dabble this green in accents on throw pillows and candles.

Pittsburgh Paints / PPG Voice of Color has named blue paisley their color of the year. And I'm swooning over it. It's a bold, saturated blue with the slightest tinge of green to make it reminiscent of some of the blue hues that catch the eye in a peacock's feather. It's simply gorgeous and if I hadn't already pick out all the colors for my apartment walls, this would have been a prominent contender.  

How would I wear or decorate with this blue? How wouldn't I?! A simple dress in this rich sky blue 
would be just as show-stopping as a little red dress. I'd smudge a bit around the eyes for a smokey evening makeup look. I'd attempt to wear this fabulous patent blue heels. Accent furniture, throw pillows, and kitchen wares – I'd use this blue just about anywhere. 

Last but definitely not least, Sherwin-Williams' color of the year is coral reef. (Yay! Coral for the win!) I'm actually painting my front entry room coral, though my coral leans a bit more toward the pink and bold end of the spectrum. Coral is one of those classic colors for me that never goes out of style, so I'm psyched to see it anywhere and everywhere this year. 

I'd use this juicy color anywhere in my wardrobe or apartment. (Not only is it going in my entry room, but it will also be making an appearance in my bathroom.) Coral would be a fun, unique color for a ladylike coat – as well as on fingernails or the face of a watch. I'd love to track down a beautiful coral blush. A coral tray would look great on my bar cart. Or this coral and ivory bowl would look adorbs in my bathroom. 

Which of the colors of the year is your favorite – for your home and for your wardrobe?

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Unknown said...

I love color trends too!! My favorite is the Blue Paisley but Coral Reef is my runner up...then again those are my go-to hues too! But seeing that coppery color makes me want to shake it up a little: thanks for the inspiration :D