Gift Guide: 8 Gifts for the Literature Lover

You know the type. She won't be caught without her library card. You often catch her with her nose in a book. (Literally! She loves the smell of old books.) She can be seen in her natural habitat: a cozy corner in a little coffee shop, the turning of pages occasionally interrupted by a sip of tea. This gift guide is for the bibliophile, bookworm, or future bestselling novelist on your shopping list:

1) Find out what her favorite classic novel is and surprise her with a beautifully bound hardback edition. 2) If there's room between the tomes, give her bookshelf some whimsy with a unique set of bookends, like this mermaid bookend. 3) If she already has all the books she needs, present her with jewelry inspired by her favorite novel... 4) ...Or this clever Protagonist necklace that any writer would appreciate. 5) Paddywax's Library Collection candles are based on famous authors – what a perfect way to illuminate your favorite reader's evening. 6) A book scented perfume? Smells like the perfect present. 7) This "I read past my bedtime" pillow cover will be right at home on any bookworm's bed. 8) And lastly, this Drink Tea & Be Happy cup is perfect for long afternoons of tea sipping and page turning.

I'm kinda swooning over the mermaid bookends and author-themed candles – and very curious about the paperback-scented perfume. Okay, my fellow readers and writers: which of these items would you love to find under the Christmas tree?

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