Living Room Progress: Walls Painted "Pale Plum"

This past weekend, I went to work on another room in my lovely new apartment. The office is Pollination green, the bedroom is Antique Silver gray. And the living room is now Pale Plum purple. Before, some living room walls were painted pale green while the others were white. And the space was full of moving boxes. After fueling up on Mexican food Sunday, the bf and I popped open a couple cans of Schlafly and popped open my gallon can of Pittsburgh Paints Pale Plum.

As I was with the Pollination green in my office, I was initially a little nervous about the color. And as was the case with my office, I ended up loving the risk that I took. Pale Plum is a nice warm shade of medium purple. In the can and when wet, it displays some pink hues. On the walls, it's a nice purple with subtle orchid tones. I adore how it pairs with my deeper plum accents: tv stand, curtains, blanket.

Speaking of accents, I decided to paint one wall a deeper shade of plum. I'm usually not big on accent walls, but I liked the idea of my orange sofa being up against a darker purple rather than the lighter, orchidy hue. You'll have to forgive me as I don't remember what color I used on the accent wall. It was a last minute purchase I made by matching paint swatches to my curtains. The deep, dark plum accent wall turned out wonderfully.

Now I've got curtains up (yeah, they need to be ironed), the rug down, and furniture in place. I still need to dig out my throw pillows, decorations, and wall art – so this room is far from finished! But I'm really happy with how it's coming together. The purple + orange + turquoise color combination is so different, luxurious, and cozy. 

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U.S. Legacy Co. said...

It's true, sometimes picking a paint color for a room can be a risk. When it comes to renovations, choosing a paint color for a certain room can be one of the most important decisions you have to make as it can ultimately dictate the overall look and feel of the room. We're glad your choice of paint color worked out well for your living room. Great work!