Get the Look: Carrie's Apartment | On Screen Decor: Sex & the City

This is one of the most requested On Screen Decor rooms, so it's about time that I got around to posting it: Carrie's apartment from Sex & the City – the apartment she couldn't have possibly afforded as a writer who spent most of her money on clothes. I've included a decor board for both before her apartment redo, and after. In both, I focused on the bedroom space of Carrie's place.

Of the two spaces, her first setup is my favorite. It's more eclectic and mix'n'match. There's more books, magazines, and character. 

To get a similar look, you probably won't need to paint your walls – if you rent, you're likely already surrounded by apartment beige. Start by hanging some neutral white and beige curtains over the windows. (Bonus points if you can get a horizontal stripe on those curtains.) Throw a tribal patterned rug down on the floor. Hang some white floating shelves for your books and put up a few pieces of art for your walls.

Furniture-wise, feel free to improvise. Carrie did a lot. Take the top drawers out of a large, dark wood dresser. Add extra storage under a floral bench with a basket. Use a traditional bedside table on one side of the bed and an old, shabby chic chair as a nightstand on the other side. Dress the bed in white sheets and a purple comforter. 

Don't worry about a headboard – it seems that Carrie used a buffet or console of some type as hers. If you have a radiators, put a piece of wood on top so that it can double as another surface area to catch your books, writings, and vases. Speaking of vases, Carrie has a lot of them throughout the space. 

In Carrie's revamped apartment, it looks like an entirely different space. The walls have been painted cobalt blue (gasp!) and most of the clutter has been cleared out. If you can't paint your walls like Carrie did, consider bringing in other elements of that blue (in the bedding, for instance, or with additional rugs). 

Carrie's redone apartment is more open, airy, grown-up, and elegant. 

Start with the rug. Get your hands on a paisley or damask print floor rug that combines ivory with another rich color. In Carrie's case it was a rich plum. However, since the plum isn't present anywhere else in the apartment, you could really get away with a deep red, navy blue, or emerald green, too. Dress your bed up in chocolaty brown colored bedding. 

As far as furniture goes, go for anything cream, white, or mirrored. Even if one piece is modern and another is traditional, the shades of white will pull it all together. The key to pulling off this room is the eye-catching wall gallery above Carrie's headboard. This is also where you can let your personality really shine through. Use a variety of black, silver, gold, and white frames – just make sure all the art has a predominately white-background or use a cream/white matte for a cohesive look. 

I mentioned that I love Carrie's original artsy,
eclectic, very "writerly" apartment. 

Which one is your favorite?

To shop for items in these inspiration boards, view them here (original apartment) and here (apartment redo). 


Disclaimer: I'm neither the the set designer nor in touch with the set designer for these television and movie rooms. Unfortunately, I do not know the sources for most of the decor, furniture, etc. These inspiration boards and posts are meant to show a similar look and help guide you in shopping for items that will help you get there. If you really want to know the source of a specific item (for example, where a pair of curtains can be purchased), feel free to leave your question in the comments. If I knew, it would definitely be listed in the post. However, maybe another The Lovely Side reader out there will know!


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Camille said...

I've always loved Carries original appartment. The revamped one (is that from the movies?) doesn't appeal to me as much.

Anonymous said...

Great job Jessica! I like this kind of posts. yeah, I'm not a fan of the second look because it seems less original and loses a lot of character. Moreover, the fact that the headboad partially hides the gallery wall is itching me (it's like Carrie had bought the headboard after all frames were hung and didn't want to change them because it was already tedious to do it once...)

Jessica • The Lovely Side said...

I do believe it is from the movie. It just doesn't have Carrie's personality!

Jessica • The Lovely Side said...

Thanks! That headboard blocking some of the art bugged me, too. I'm sure that's exactly how it went during the set build! Someone hung the frames too low or the headboard was too high and they just said, "Forget about it!" Haha.

Unknown said...

I'm so glad you did this as I've *coveted* Carrie's original apartment look for years. I like it because it's more casual and it's the sort of place I could see myself living, rather than the new one, which looks more like a show home. The thing I most want from the original apartment is her chair...I could just imagine curling up in it with a book and a coffee.

Kristin said...

In case anyone is interested, the comforter in Carrie's original apartment is Calvin Klein's "Bamboo Flowers," though I think it's on its way out. I finally scooped up the last few remaining pieces I needed and it was on clearance at both Macy's and Bloomingdales. Calvin is rarely even on sale, let alone clearance, so if it's a style you covet, you better scoop it up quick! :)

Jessica • The Lovely Side said...

Awesome! Thanks for the extra info, Kristin! :)

Jessica • The Lovely Side said...

Totally agree, Gemma! :)

Anonymous said...

I've been looking for a lamp just like the lamp on the nightstand on that last picture. Does anybody know where to find something like it?

Anonymous said...

You can find the bed set at Macy's or on line.

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Trishaloves2shop$ said...

Here we are in 2022 so I'm not sure if anyone is still interested in Carrie's original apartment.
I loved her coffee table and looked for one similar.
I stumbled upon Nathan Hunter designs on Etsy.
He was selling a dining table almost identical.
I took a chance and asked if he would consider doing a coffee table like Carrie's.
Thankfully he was familiar with the iconic table and agreed to make one for me. I love it!